Retrofitting electric shutters: these costs are coming to you!

Electric roller blinds make everyday life easier, especially for seniors, because manual operation of the straps requires a certain amount of effort. In addition, the burglary security increases. What are the costs of retrofitting?

Possibilities of retrofitting electric blinds

The simplest and most cost-effective way to make manual blinds electrically operated is the installation of an electric belt retractor. The old straps are retained, only the control panel is renewed. Power can be supplied via a power outlet.

More complex and thus more expensive is the installation of a tubular motor, in this case, the entire system is changed: A train system replaces the straps. New electrical cables are indispensable for this variant.

Electric blinds with timer regulate everything automatically. Even on vacation, the blinds go up and down. Every blind in the house is separately adjustable.

Prices for the new electric blinds

The price range for retrofitting blinds is relatively large, because the many different variants and qualities cause different costs. But expect at least 200 EUR including installation for each blind.

For a heavy blind, you need a strong tube motor, so electric shutters for large windows are particularly expensive. If there is no power connection in the immediate vicinity, you will be well on the cost of 350 EUR and more per blind.

Cost example for the retrofit of blinds

A homeowner wants to serve his large living room blind only electrically because it is too heavy for him. He can be installed a tubular motor, a new power supply must be placed.

Cost overviewprice
1. tubular motor including accessories270 EUR
2. Costs for the electrician150 EUR
3. Assembly of the new blind250 EUR
total670 EUR

Provide already with the new building

Anyone who ensures that there is a power supply to the individual windows when building a new building will have to bear lower costs when retrofitting the blinds.

Tips & Tricks

Also consider the installation of a brightness sensor: With this practical function, your blinds automatically lower and raise according to the sun's rays!

Video Board: Shutter motor Installation - using FAAC T-Mode Motors - Retrofit manual shutter with tubular motor