Dispose of the electric stove - how does it work?

When the old stove has finally been replaced by a new one, only the question of disposal arises. Where and how can you dispose of an old electric stove? Which legal regulations apply? Answers to these questions can be found in this post.

All appliances that have been powered by electricity are legally designated as electronic waste at the end of their life. The type of power source (including batteries or solar power) is independent. So every used electric stove is electronic waste.

Takeback obligation of dealers and manufacturers

Since a change in the law, larger dealers (with more than 400 square meters of retail space) are now obliged to take back old appliances from their customers. However, this does not apply to devices that have a single edge longer than 25 cm. Then, the dealer can refuse the return if a customer does not buy an equivalent new device from the dealer.

After all, however, this offers a way to get rid of old devices. If you buy the new electric stove or another stove at the dealer, this must also accept the old equipment. In most cases, the devices are taken along with a delivery of the new device, so you save the transport route.

Disposal without new purchase

If you want to get rid of your old stove without buying a new one, only the transport to the recycling center remains. Disposal via bulky waste is permitted throughout Germany. Some municipalities have some fees or special regulations for the disposal of bulky waste (advance notification, certain regulations for parking, use only once a year possible).

If you want to save the trouble of transporting to the recycling center or have no suitable vehicle, there are also the following options:

  • Scrap dealers on their tours (dispose of for free)
  • arrange a pick-up with the recycling center
  • hire a private waste management company

Tips & Tricks

The easiest way to do this is always to arrange a delivery and the connection of the new electric cooker with the dealer when purchasing an electric cooker. In most cases, this causes the least cost and the least effort.

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