Electric stove - what energy efficiency classes are there?

Especially our "large" electrical appliances, such as stove, refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher are among the largest energy consumers in the household. Saving energy makes sense there. Which energy efficiency classes there are for electric stoves, and what they mean, you will learn in this article.

energy label

Since 2002, every electric cooker sold in the EU has to be labeled with a single energy label, which indicates the energy consumption of the appliance. Classification always takes place exactly according to the energy consumption of the respective device. Since 2015, the labeling in online trade in devices is mandatory.

But make sure that the electric stove and oven are two different devices that are usually bought in combination. Both devices can have a different energy efficiency.

Energy consumption information for the oven

The new, EU-wide regulation of 2015 also stipulates that the energy consumption of the oven is specified directly in kWh for standard and recirculated-air operation. You can always read the energy consumption for the oven directly.

The classes

While for refrigerators and freezers for new devices at least A + is mandatory, that does not apply to herds. They can have classes from A +++ up to a maximum of D. That is, there is:

  • Class A +++
  • Class A ++
  • Class A +
  • Class A
  • class B
  • Class C
  • Class D

Differences in energy consumption

An example shows very clearly what a big difference in energy consumption already exists in the individual classes:

Type of electricity consumptionEnergy efficiency class AEnergy efficiency class B10 years old device
Power consumption per baking cycle0.8 kWh1,1 kWh1,6 kWh
Annual electricity consumption80 kWh110 kWh160 kWh
Electricity costs per year19,20 EUR26,40 EUR38,40 EUR

For one year, 100 bakes were used in this example. Devices in the highest energy efficiency classes A +++ and A ++ are even more energy efficient.

Tips & Tricks

Due to the lower gas price you should, if you have the opportunity, but still opt for a gas stove. The energy costs are still lower here.

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