The electrical installation of a modern family home

The technical progress and the increasing popularity of modern technology in the household, the electrical installation becomes a complicated task. In this article you will learn how an electrical installation in a detached house works and what it costs.

The process of an electrical installation

The first step of the electrical installation is the development of the property, ie the laying of electrical and other cables to the house. Then work "from bottom to top": after the construction of the cellar walls, the necessary electrical connections are laid on the formwork (wooden layer above the cellar) before the concrete can be poured in.

In the construction of the actual single family house, the freestanding lines are then used to make the entire electrical installation of the house. This is done simultaneously with the construction of the respective ceilings and walls in order to lay the required lines evenly. If all cables are laid, the installation of sockets and other connections begins at the request of the client. Even with hindsight, you can make changes, since the lines are usually relocated many.

The electrical installation of a modern family home: modern

Attention to developers

Since the electrical installation is usually carried out by builders according to a fixed scheme, often only three sockets per room and a light source are provided - pay attention in the construction contract on these sites to demand changes if necessary. But beware: even a single outlet more per room can cause high costs because the manufacturer has to give up his standardized plan.

The cost of an electrical installation

Since the family house is a relatively small type of house, the electrical installation prepares less than other house types. Nevertheless, the cost of electrical installation account for an average of 3% of the house price. Most of them are between eight and ten thousand euros, but they already contain possible changes.

Tips & Tricks

A considerable part of the electrical installation is light work, which you can do yourself with little technical knowledge. With own work you can save a lot of costs!

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