Wanted sockets in the interior plaster? That's how it's done

If an electrical installation is to be laid under plaster, some preparatory work is necessary before applying the interior plaster. In order to use sockets or switches later, switch boxes and cable ducts are required.

Which materials are needed?

  • Drilling machine with drilling and milling crown
  • hammer and chisel
  • spirit level
  • switch boxes
  • Electricians plaster

How do you proceed?

First mark the spots on the wall where you will later need sockets, switches or junction boxes. With a drill with attached drill bit holes for the switch boxes are milled.

For outlets a switch box 45 mm deep is required, for switches one with 60 mm. The holes must be correspondingly deep. With hammer and chisel the core is removed from the center and pulled with the router, the channel for the connecting line.

Which installation zones are to be considered?

The installation zones are binding in accordance with DIN 18015-3 for invisible cables, switches and sockets. There are vertical and horizontal installation zones.

The horizontal installation zones are divided into upper, middle and lower zones, the vertical ones according to the position of doors and windows as well as corners and edges.

Installation zone horizontalAreaPreferred dimensionArea
above15 to 45 cm30 cmunder the blanket
center100 to 130 cm105 cmover floor
below15 to 45 cm30 cmover floor
Installation zone verticalAreaPreferred dimensionArea
Door and window10 to 30 cm15cmnext to the door or the window sill
Corners or edges10 to 30 cm15 cmnext to edges and corners

How are the cans used?

The switch box is inserted straight into the wall with the electric pliers and the box must only sit so low that it is flush with the wall after plastering. Please insert the pipes already and secure the slits with plaster seals as well.

Protect the switch box with a cleaning or signal cover. Now the interior plaster can be applied. After drying, the still visible plaster cover is removed and the electrician can install the socket.

Tips & Tricks

If, despite the correct measurement, a switch box is once too deep, you can correct this with a compensating ring.

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