Electronics tinkering

If you first think of paper, scissors and glue when making crafts, the ticks probably like most people. However, if you have resistors, capacitors, relays or diodes in your head, you could

Electronics tinkering: tinkering

on Electronic Geek be or have read one of the following books.

Most of everything about electronics seems complicated and incomprehensible. But as with any topic, there are also for almost everyone here appropriate publication, There is simple introductory literature that brings children closer to the topic in a playful way and didactically well-prepared books for young people and interested lay people, which make even the most complex facts easily comprehensible.

Everybody starts small, that's why we have a few here Book tips for children and laity put together without special knowledge, which are recommended and sometimes offer a slightly different and very instructive kind of crafting fun.

Electronics tinkering as a start to a brilliant career

Sounds a bit thick at the first listen, but it is not to be denied that whoever practiced early became a master later

, Finally, the career prospects for graduates are the Electrical and Computer Engineering outstanding. Not only in the IT industry there are potential workers

over, but also in the Aerospace, in the energy industry or Medical The engineers are happy

Electronics tinkering: projects

employed. So why should?

Did not children and adolescents approach this topic in a playful way?

The Franzis electronics building book

10 brilliant projects. 47 building ideas. With plug-in board and all necessary components

Rudolf Waltl, author and pedagogue with many years of professional experience, offers an exciting selection of products for all ages 10 electronics projectsthat with just a few grips

fen to 47 building ideas become. The spectrum is huge: everything from color games with LEDs to a casting detector to the electronic grille. Even a party game was thought.

Knowledge is fun. At least that's the conclusion when dealing with this book and its contents. Easy to understand and playful the book also conveys more complex issues. The graphic illustrations leave no questions

Electronics tinkering: electronics

Electronics tinkering: tinkering

regarding the necessary components and their arrangement on the board open. The precise, short texts convey the important fundamentals in the field of electronics step by step.

The package contains all the necessary parts for the projects, also on one Overview page be explained. All you need is a 9 volt block battery and some materials that should be in every household. For young people and interested laymen, this book is absolutely recommended as an introduction to the world of electronics. If you want to go deeper into the subject matter, you will be able to consult more specialist literature by yourself.

Build MP3 speakers yourself

With all components for plugging - without soldering

Actually, this product is not a book. It is rather a funny craft project, which comes in a great presentation. It's an MP3 speaker that you can build yourself. The focus is clearly on the electronics.

If you have the protective cover removed, you look at a DIN-A5-sized box made of cardboard, which looks like a speaker: front with speaker and control unit, wood-effect housing and

Electronics tinkering: electronics

Rear with connections for the wiring. When you open the box, the components for the speaker reveal themselves: an amplifier kit with a breadboard that works without soldering.

The construction instructions unfold to slim 20 pages and provides information on quick start, assembly, circuitry, volume control and switches, stereo input, adjustments, gain and circuitry. Anyone familiar with the matter can quickly assemble the speaker. All others must read the instructions very attentively in order to reach the goal. An overview and explanation of the individual parts at the beginning of the manual and some descriptive photos would certainly have been helpful. Still a fun gimmick - not just for electronics geeks.

Make: electronics

Learning through discovery

For hobbyists, geeks and artists, this book offers a great introduction to the realm of circuits, soldering iron, LEDs and chips. The transfer of knowledge from the practical to the theoretical, from the simple to the complex, is entertaining and instructive. There is one for each chapter Shopping list and an explanation the right tool insert. The 36 experiments always have a clear practical relevance. Nothing is done without explanation of fundamentals, theory and background knowledge.

True to the motto "learn disrespectfully!" can be tried and explored with this book much. This makes learning fun.

Adventure electronics

18 brilliant projects for cool kids. With all electronic components

This book is for children from 8 years designed and offers 18 exciting electronics projects, which can be easily implemented with the help of the included electronic components and some household items such as plastic bottles or batteries. A spacecraft with LED lighting, a solar-powered racing boat, a robot mask with lighthouses and many other projects are explained step by step on 64 pages with large illustrations child-friendly. So you do not only have many in the end great new toys, but also a lot by the way learned about the electricity. And once the interest in electronics has been awakened, larger projects and experiments will not be long in coming.

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