Elegance and luxury with mosaic tiles in gold

Shimmering gold on the walls in a bathroom give the room a regal elegance that transforms a utility room into a kind of personal oasis of well-being. With the matching accessories such as fittings, bath and vanity creates an antique or oriental-inspired atmosphere.

Almost always glass tiles

In most cases, gold mosaic tiles are made of glass. Few suppliers have gold shades in the program in the program, as a surface coating of gold is naturally difficult and can only be done under a glaze. The material glass is coated on the back and in a cavity inside the glass with gold leaf, which is thus protected against any surface stress.

The gold coatings range from smooth gold-colored areas with no texture to irregular textures. From the typical look of the gold leaf application to wavy, bumped or glittered gold layers, the bandwidth that is often combined ranges.

Genuine gold or gold

Gold mosaic tiles in most cases contain gold leaf, making it one of the most expensive wall coverings and infrequent floor coverings available. The prices start at one hundred euros per square meter, the average should be calculated with at least 150 euros and many tiles cost over two hundred euros.

Many manufacturers use the term gold as a categorization of a hue that appears more or less than gold. Tiles in gold tones without actual gold content are in the same price range as all other colored tiles. A good example are the mosaic tiles Metalic Gold at fliesenmax.de and the mosaic Golden Rain Brown Gold Glossy at mosaikpalast24.de.

Tiles with real gold content can be found at wundererbad.eu, noris-blattgold.de and vital-naturkeramik.de. You can find a special supplier for individual pieces and sortings at meinorient.de.

Tips & Tricks

As a standard karat value, 24 carat gold is used for tiles. The price of the tiles tends to be dependent on the world market price for gold. If possible, waiting for a later purchase can significantly affect the price.

Video Board: Luxury Gold- 1x1 Square Pattern Glass and Stone Blend Mosaic Tile