Embankment in front of the cellar windows - alternative to light wells

Light wells are a way to actually let light through the basement windows in the basement. But if you do not want to do that, you still have the option of creating an embankment. What you need to look out for, you can read here.

Light wells are not for everyone

A light shaft is certainly the narrowest possible solution to give light to the basement windows, so that there is no eternal darkness in the basement.

But if enough space is available for this purpose, the planting of an embankment is also an option, in order to have a good and visually appealing alternative to light wells. Of course, it is important that there is enough space for an embankment.

Embankment in front of the cellar windows - alternative to light wells: front

Planting stones are a possibility to create an embankment - with relatively little space available but for optical reasons, rather a green embankment. However, you should think in advance about what type of planting you want to use for it.

What you have to pay attention to

  • the water drainage: here either a sufficiently dimensioned drainage or if necessary also a percolation come into question
  • Slope of the embankment and protection: If the embankment is deeper than half a meter and steep accordingly, a guard railing is also required by law.
  • The selected plants for a greening must also be suitable for planting stones - especially summer dryness and heat may be a problem here.

Tips & Tricks

Always plan an embankment solution in front of the basement windows with an expert who also knows the building regulations applicable here. In some cases, you may need to secure the embankment in some cases, and you should always seek solid professional advice.

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