Embroidery: instructions for cross stitch, machine embroidery and other embroidery techniques

Embroidery: instructions for cross stitch, machine embroidery and other embroidery techniques

Embroidery: instructions for cross stitch, machine embroidery and other embroidery techniques: machine

Embroidery is a traditional handcraft that requires calm and patience. Especially in today's fast paced world, this is a hobby that creates balance. Many beautiful and decorative things can be made this way.

Even beginners quickly learn the most important stitches and embroider their first little pictures. If you want to learn how to embroider or are looking for ideas, you will find a collection of free embroidery designs, embroidery guides and tutorials for beginners on this page.

Overview about embroidery templates and embroidery guides

  • Embroidery designs for cross-stitch
  • Video Tutorial: Embroidery with the cross stitch
  • Embroidery templates for different embroidery techniques
  • Instructions for machine embroidery
  • Embroider for beginners

Further instructions on handicrafts can be found in the following collections:

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Crochet: clothes, decoration and accessories

Make bags yourself

Make shoes yourself

Embroidery designs for cross-stitch

Embroidery template cat

Embroidery template as a picture for a cat and a star
at Woven pages

Santa Claus embroider

Cross stitch template for a Santa Claus with sack, wand and rod
at Advent.at

Heart Pillow [PDF]

Embroidery pattern with instructions for a hanging heart cushion
at Make it coats

Embroidery Pattern for Ring Pillows [PDF]

Instructions with embroidery design for embroidering a ring pillow with cross stitch as PDF
at Make it coats

Flowers and ornaments

Embroidery design on two sheets of flowers and ornaments
at allfreecrafts

Embroidered blouse

How to embroider a blouse with a delicate floral pattern.
at Brigitte.de

Mini pendant for Christmas

13 different designs for small embroidered Christmas pendants, mini pillows or tree decorations
at Garnteufel-Design

Easter hanger

Embroidery instructions for embroidered Easter eggs made of linen with different patterns.
at Garnteufel-Design


Embroider buttons with pattern in cross stitches - embroidery designs as pictures
at Handarbeitswelt

4 seasonal templates

Cross stitch embroidery design for Halloween and Christmas
at Kissy-Cross

Four animals

Camel, lion, tiger and parrot
at Kreuzstich Welt

Embroidered horses

on linen as PDF file for download
at Landlust

Dancing girls

Embroidery designs for 13 different girls with cross-stitch.
at Lianestitch

Strawberries [PDF]

With the cross-stitch strawberries embroider as single fruits or with flowers and leaves
at MiaDeRoca

Embroidery templates for different embroidery techniques

Three Kings Needlepoint Pattern Set

The wise men from the Orient as pincushions - instructions with embroidery design
at about.com Needlepoint

Easter bunny embroidery template as a mural

A free template as a template in easter bunny shape for murals.
at Kreativbühne

rosemary heart

Embroider rosemary heart with lockstitch and cross-stitch and fill with fragrant herbs - instructions with embroidery design
at Wunderweib

Christmas card with Reflecta

Crafting instructions for a Christmas card with embroidered bells
at map blog

9 embroidery templates

Embroidery templates in three different stitch types as PDF file for download
at Knitting-and.com

The last supper

Sophisticated embroidery image for advanced and patient - embroidery design in several parts
at Free Cross Stitch Pattern

Embroidery templates for flowers

Embroidery templates for various flowers with sample image and embroidery instructions as PDF files to download
at handworker

Alphabet and numbers

Embroidery instructions and tips for embroidering numbers and letters from around 1900
at Handarbeitswelt

Dreidel embroidery

Embroider a Dreidel as a needlework and then sew together - step by step stitching instructions

scent bag

Embroider scented sachets in different stitches with patterns - embroidery instructions and template as PDF-file for download
at Landlust

10 houses

10 houses in cross-stitch with flowers and roses in the winding or Knötchenstich - Stickvorlagen as ZIP files for download
at Lianestitch

Worm Motif doily

Embroider tablecloth with the basic Marburg stitch - Illustrated embroidery instructions with explanation of the Marburg basic engraving
at Teddy's handicrafts

shadow embroidery

illustrated embroidery instructions for a worm and letters embroidered on transparent fabric
at Teddy's handicrafts

Instructions for machine embroidery

Free machine embroidery [PDF]

Illustrated instructions for free machine embroidery with a zig-zag sewing machine
at bfb Creativconcepts


Embroider pillows with elaborate patterns - Illustrated embroidery instructions for machine embroidery
at Elisabeth's EmbroideriesEnglish


Templates with Easter, Christmas and bear motifs to embroider with the sewing machine
at Gabi's embroidery page

Embroider for beginners

Embroider autumn leaves

Paint and embroider images or embroidery cards - a step-by-step guide for beginners
at LA Blog (Labbe)

decorative stitches

Instructions for decorative stitches when embroidering, such as starstitch, Maderastern, double stitchback, stuffing bars, winding bars, picos, Schlingenstichfüllung and Spitzenendruchbruch in the outer edge
at Real-Handwork

basic stitching

Detailed explanation of the different basic stitches when embroidering
at real handwork

video Tutorial

Video tutorials for the cross stitch, chain stitch, daisy stitch, longette stitch and witch engraving
in handicrafts

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Video Board: Simulated Hand Cross-Stitch on your Embroidery Machine