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Purchase advice for emergency generator comparison or test 2018

  • A normal household emergency generator is powered by gasoline and provides the user with electrical power. Thus, electricity becomes available where there is no outlet far and wide.
  • The application areas are numerous. For example, electric garden tools can be used in the allotment with the power generator. He can also run a jukebox. Apart from that, rescue workers and farmers also use these generators.
  • Emergency generators differ mainly in consumption and duration. Economical appliances can only supply a few electrical appliances and are cheaper to operate. Power generators can be connected to several consumers, but their own gasoline consumption is also correspondingly higher.

Emergency Generator Comparison 2018: generator

Surely you know the Annoyances of a power failure: The lights go out, the freezer also, also the TV and the phone acknowledge the service. Such occurrences can have far more serious effects on hospitals and nuclear power plants, where life and death depend on a stable power supply. Therefore, particularly sensitive buildings have emergency generators. In the event of a power failure, a battery temporarily takes over until the unit has started its diesel engine and takes over the power supply.

Emergency Generator Comparison 2018: 2018

With an emergency power unit many garden tools can be operated, such as this electric hedge trimmer.

However, there are other applications for these generators - for example, your own garden. Of course, you do not want to operate on your open heart or split atoms (at least we hope so), but maybe the Mow the lawn or use the electric hedge trimmer. In this case, a can portable power generator pay.

1. How does an emergency generator work?

The power generator has an engine that consumes fuel. This is an ordinary gasoline engine. In the usual household appliances, this engine is started by a cable. A generator converts the mechanical movement of the engine cylinders into electrical energy, The power generator has one or two sockets, which can be used by the user.

Household electricity in Central Europe has 230 volts, which is why generators offer the same voltage in this country. Higher emergency power voltages, such as those required for a 400 V connection, are only available with special devices. However, there are occasional additional 12V connections available, such as charging a car battery.

The many names of the aggregate

The emergency generator is actually a power generator, It is also known as a power generator.

1.1. Of two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines

Common today are two models: the 2-stroke engine and the 4-stroke engine. Two-stroke engines tend to have lower performance and are not always as permissive as their 4-stroke brothers. However, before buying a four-stroke engine, you should consider whether you need the power you need to avoid wasting gasoline unnecessarily.

1.2. The right fuel for the right engine

petrolIn our backup generator comparison you will find exclusively Gasoline generators, These are the most practical for the end user and, above all, their scope of application. Two-stroke gasoline engines require a gasoline-oil mixturewhich you have to mix together yourself. As a rule, a very small part of oil is added to a large amount of gasoline.
dieselStationary power supply systems, which supply a whole building, use one big engine, which is powered by diesel. For normal consumers, these machines are out of the question.
gasGas-powered emergency generators are often expensive. For such a power generator is quiet and quite economical. In addition, the odor (which experience has made the relaxation in the garden a dash through the bill) less disturbing. Unfortunately, they are anything but cheap and the heavy ones LPG bottle, which is needed for the operationoften makes them more of a burden than a relief. However, you can Convert conventional gasoline emergency generators to gas, You can read more about this at the end of this guide in the FAQs.

Although there are diesel generators for special devices, but these are usually one size too big for the home user.

1.3. High performance only for hungry devices

Generators from the emergency generator comparison 2018 can be divided into different categories. Some offer only 600 watts of power, others many times that. However, the best emergency generator is not necessarily the strongest for you. High performance also means: high consumption. Power generators that have little power are much more economical than gas-powered centrifuges, which come to several thousand watts.

Emergency Generator Comparison 2018: comparison

Needs a lot of power: the shredder.

Check it, how big the performance hunger of your machines is. It depends not only on the type of device, but also on the single brand. You will find the value on the packaging or in the operating instructions. For reference, here are some popular gardening tools and their usual performance:

  • electric hedge trimmer: about 400 - 600 watts
  • mowing machine: about 1,000 - 2,000 watts
  • shredder: about 2,000 - 3,000 watts

As you can see, the bandwidth of the wattage requirement is very large, If you purchase a low-power backup generator, your forager will only smile tiredly and will not cut the smallest branch. On the other hand, if you have acquired a true monster aggregate for a small shrub shear, you can watch your money burn unnecessarily in the gasoline engine.

Important: If you several devices If you want to connect and use in parallel, you need to calculate their consumption.

1.4. security

Emergency generators must be earthed to discharge static electricity. Many devices have a kind of metal cage over which the current flows into the ground. But it may be necessary to set up a separate grounding. This can for example consist of a ground spike, so a long metal rod which is rammed into the ground. In this case, the spit takes over the grounding. Alternatively, there is also a ground terminal, which is connected, for example, with a guardrail on the road. Whether and, if so, what additional measures you need to take can be found in the user manual.

For particularly sensitive electronics an inverter power generator is needed. This is a Generator that allows only very small fluctuations in the voltage, Such short-term voltage peaks often occur even with lightning strikes. For sensitive equipment, which can be so badly damaged, an inverter power generator should therefore be organized.

Emergency generators should be protected from rain, Wetness can cause a short circuit in the device and damage it severely. In addition, rust is formed.

2. The many applications of the emergency generator

Electric lawn mower in the test

Stiftung Warentest recommends looking closely at electric lawnmowers. Only two devices performed well there, since the handling is often cumbersome.

Classic application is the garden. There is something special heres many machines that require power: lawnmowers, shrub shears, shredders, chainsaws and leaf blowers These are just a few of the devices that make our work in the countryside easier.

Similarly, a music system can be operated on the way, for a battery would not be enough. Note, however, that power generators are not whispering. If a generator is quiet, it still comes to proud about 60 decibelswhereas noisy devices even exceed 90 decibels. In terms of volume you can easily keep up with a busy street.

This is less of a problem when operating in your yard, as mowers & coo make more noise anyway, but on a small beach party with beautiful music, it may be useful (even with heavy metal sounds) To place the generator a little bit apart and to bridge the distance with an extension cable.

Emergency Generator Comparison 2018: 2018

A PTO generator on a tractor.

Some farmers also rely on aggregates, for example to operate electric fences or certain machinery outside their own yard, Here, among other things, special PTO generators are used. These have no own engine, but - as the name suggests - connected to the PTO, for example, a tractor and thereby operated by this.

Last but not least, emergency services rely on mobile emergency generators. If a water treatment plant has to be operated in the event of a disaster, this is only possible with emergency power. In addition, the fire brigade requires power generators to operate in operation, for example, submersible pumps and lighting equipment. However, the engine used for the water pumps is that of their own vehicle.

In short, the list of possible applications is long and will be longer in the future than shorter. Our dependence on electricity is so high that we can not do without it outside our own four walls. Power generators are very practical and come as true miracle weapons. However, one must also put up with some costs - both financial for gasoline, as well as metaphorical. We therefore have one more time for you the main advantages and disadvantages of emergency generators in short:

  • grant independence from the power grid
  • keep important equipment in operation in the event of a power failure
  • make electricity available in near-natural locations
  • Gasoline consumption is expensive
  • high weight
  • quite loud

3. Important purchase criteria

Some important aspects of the emergency generator, such as engine type and power, are now known to you. In addition, there are still some other important differences between the deviceswhich we would like to introduce to you shortly.

3.1. mass

Emergency Generator Comparison 2018: 2018

Especially practical: An emergency generator with wheels and handle can be easily transported.

Whether or not weight matters depends very much on what you planned with the device. If it has to be brought into the allotment only once and then remains there, you can quietly turn a blind eye at the kilogram. The situation is different when the device is to travel with you, often has to be taken out of the car and put back into it.

Some power generators have rollers to make them easier to move. Most of these are only attached on one side, so that the equipment is tilted like a wheelbarrow and then carefully driven away.

3.2. start system

It is widespread Recoil starter or recoil starterbecause it has proven itself over decades as a reliable instrument. With this mechanical starter, the user pulls on the handle of a pull rope, which sets the engine in motion. Much more pleasant is the so-called E-Start to use. Here the device jumps on simply by pressing a button.

3.3. running time

Emergency Generator Comparison 2018: comparison

If it is foreseeable that a tank filling is not sufficient for your purposes, you should take a spare canister with gasoline.

There are also significant differences in the duration of generator sets. Small devices will go out after a few hours of juice. For others, the tank filling is enough for half a day. The running time is calculated from tank volume and consumption, If you can foresee that a tank filling will not be sufficient, it makes sense to take an additional jerry can.

3.4. consumption

Some power generators are powerful gas guzzlers, while others can work reasonably sparingly. Small appliances can handle half a liter per hour. The greater the performance of the device, the higher its consumption. Strong generators consume several liters per hour. Anyone who runs such a model from dawn to dusk quickly sets off on a fifties.

4. Important manufacturers and brands of emergency generators

Our buying advice would not be complete without a small list of the most popular manufacturers. Surely you will find in search of your emergency generator test winner at one of the many brand and niche products.

  • Bosch
  • Dometic
  • Eberth
  • Einhell
  • Eisemann
  • Endress
  • Fullex
  • Geko
  • güde
  • Honda
  • Hyundai
  • ITC Power
  • force Hertz
  • matrix
  • Pramac
  • Rotek
  • Scheppach
  • SDMO
  • Unicraft
  • Zipper

5. Questions and answers about emergency generators

5.1. Can I have an emergency generator converted to gas?

Yes, with many devices this is possible. However, we strongly advise you not to lend a hand yourself, as improper processing can result in serious accidents. Pull in a specialist, who brings the necessary components and expertise for the conversion.

In this short video, you can see a converted generator set in operation:
It may also be possible to modify a generator so that it can be supplied with both gasoline and gas.

5.2. How much is a good emergency generator?

A cheap emergency generator is already available for € 100. These devices are not bad per se, but they are not very powerful. If you want to have more than about 800 watts of power available for your electrical appliancesYou have to take more money in your hands.

A particularly powerful device, which should also last a while, costs several hundred euros. In principle, it is also possible to buy an emergency generator used, but you should then pay close attention to the functionality. If the device has worked for months and years in the mud of a flowerbed or sand of a beach, the avarice can take revenge. The same applies if you rent an emergency generator.

5.3. Which oil is needed for an emergency generator?

Emergency Generator Comparison 2018: emergency

Known for its enormously high viscosity: giant candies.

Be sure to follow the instructions in the manual.

When choosing the right oil, it depends primarily on its viscosity. This term denotes the fluidity of the oil, or, simply put, how liquid or tough it is. Low viscosity values ​​(and thus low toughness) mean that the oil is fluid and makes the engine run easier. In the case of viscous oil, on the other hand, the lubricating film does not crack so easily, it is more resilient overall.

When it comes to engine oils, how viscous they are at low and high temperatures. The viscosity (= toughness) of an oil is given in this format: "5W 40". In this example, the oil has a viscosity value of 5W (the W stands for simply winter) when the temperature is low and a viscosity value of 40 when it is high.

The viscosity alone does not say anything about the quality of the oil.

On ordinary mineral oil with a value of, for example, 10W 40 absolutely sufficient for an average power generator.

5.4. Which emergency generator is suitable for a detached house?

In short: a big one. The devices from most emergency generator tests are not suitable for supplying an entire house with emergency power. Half of them could not even provide a hair dryer sufficiently. Their field of application is limited to one or two garden tools, jukeboxes or lampsto be operated outside the home. For the supply of your home you need a specially built device, which is much more expensive.

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