Effectively remove emulsion paint from various substrates

The most commonly used wall paint is the emulsion paint, so almost every home improvement will eventually hit them. Painting with this type of paint is fairly easy, but removal is less easy. After all, wet paint can be washed off with water, but once the paint has dried, only more radical measures can help.

How can emulsion paint be removed from the wall?

If the emulsion paint to be removed is on a wallpaper, the removal process is particularly easy: Soak the wallpaper thoroughly in water with a little washing-up liquid and scrape it off after about 15 to 20 minutes exposure time.

One-layered emulsion paint normally allows the water to pass through without any problem. For multi-layered coats, it is best to puncture the paint and wallpaper first with the spiked roller: the water then reaches the wallpaper adhesive, which then dissolves.

If the emulsion paint is directly on the wall, the sandblaster or a steam generator will help. These devices can be borrowed at a hardware store. Overall, it is a complex process that can only be replaced by pickling.

Remove dispersion paint thoroughly from wood

Wood has a grained surface and pores, in the three-dimensional structure, the emulsion paint can settle wonderfully. Hot water or sandblasting would damage the wood, so here only helps mechanical or chemical power:

Sand the wood surfaces easily, with larger color spots preferably with a suitable grinder. Equip yourself with a respirator to avoid dust in the lungs.

Even strippers can help at this point: Let us advise you, which variety is the right one in your case. Since paint remover are not exactly healthy, it is also here to wear a protective mask and to air extensively.

Dispersion paint on tiles: How to replace them!

On the smooth tile surface emulsion paint can not adhere so well, it can usually be removed very well with the spatula. To avoid scratching the tiles, soften the stains for a few hours in water:

Put wet kitchen towels on the stains and wait a while. Then carefully scrape the emulsion paint down with the spatula. If there are stains inside the bath or shower tray, just let in hot water and scrape off the color after exposure time.

How do I remove emulsion paint from my clothes?

Sometimes it also hits the pants or the sweater: Who is very fast, washes the still wet emulsion paint under running water again. Dried paint is much more difficult to remove:

With a little luck, it can be scratched out of coarse fabric with your fingernails. If that does not work, it may help to soak in hairspray. Then it goes into the washing machine.

All methods at a glance: How to dissolve emulsion paint again!

wallpapersoak and scrape off
plasterSuperheated steam or sand blasting / pickling
Woodabrade / strip off
tilingsoak and scrape off
dressWash it out, scratch it out, treat it with Haaspray

Tips & Tricks

In the case of dispersion stains on clothing, a kind of exfoliation of water and sugar can also help. Try it out!

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