Repair enamel bathtub

Instructions: Fill in and seal damaged areas

Repair enamel bathtub: enamel

The daily hygiene quickly causes damage to the bathtub and sink in the form of small quirks, cracks and at worst larger areas, where the paint has chipped off.

These damage not only look ugly, but catch in the course of time to rust through the moisture. If the grate continues, the enamel bath or sink will leak on the spot, necessitating expensive repairs, including the complete replacement of the equipment.

To avoid this needy renovation of the bathroom, do-it-yourselfers repair small paint damage themselves. What tools are needed and how it works, shows the following Step-by-step instructions.

Material list for bathtub repair

To fix an enamel bath, you should provide the following items:

  • Putty with hardener for sanitary ware
  • Narrow spatula
  • Bathtub lacquer or paint for enamel
  • abrasive paper

As a rule, all required materials are available in complete sets. For small, superficial damage in many cases, the treatment with an enamel repair paint, it is sufficient as a pen and spray to buy there.
Deeper damage and chipped areas should first be filled with a special filler and used the hardener supplied. Only then follows the treatment with the bath color or the lacquer.

However, this bath varnish is not suitable for repairing chipped tiles. Such damages are repaired by a special tile filler used and the tiles painted with tile paint.

Repair instructions for the enamel bath

Repair enamel bathtub: bathtub

Chipped paint on the bathtub

Step 1: Clean damaged areas

Before the repair you should rid the broken areas of dirt and - if available - of rust.

Only when the affected areas completely clean, fat-free and dry again are, the repair can be made with little effort.

Repair enamel bathtub: repair

With special putty the broken point is filled

Step 2: Apply repair compound

In the next step Mix the repair compound with the supplied hardener and apply it with a small spatula on the damaged area.

By the Use of the curing agent gets the putty after drying their strength. Within 30 minutes, it is completely cured.

Traces of the spatula preparation on the intact enamel should be removed immediately.

Repair enamel bathtub: enamel

After drying, smooth the smoothed area

Step 3: Sand smoothed repaired enamel

At the end of the drying time, the smoothed area is carefully sanded to obtain a smooth surface. Do-it-yourselfers use the sandpaper supplied in the set.

Should subsequently small cracks in the paint be present, they are repaired again with the repair compound and sanded.

Repair enamel bathtub: repair

With bath varnish the place is sealed

Step 4: Apply bath varnish

Finally, must the abraded residues completely removed become. Then you seal the surface with bath varnish in the desired color.

Special bath color for sealing is available in sanitary white as well as in many other colors, so that the repaired area can be laminated well. The paint is sprayed thinly on the repaired enamel. - In the case of bathtub color you paint over the place. - Depending on the size of the damage Several layers are required. Once the desired coverage is achieved, the bath varnish must harden. This depends on the thickness of the layers and takes several hours. After that, the enamel bath is reusable.

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