Enamel: Apply a new coating

Although enamel is a very durable material, frequent use often causes numerous scratches on the surface, the gloss level decreases. Even deeper quirks can deface the bathtub, the sink or the shower tray - this requires special caution: If water penetrates into the metal core, severe rust damage will follow. A new coating on the enamel fixes the defects.

Which coating is suitable for enamel?

For the coating of enamel is only the designated special paint, which is available in the spray bottle and in the can to buy. Small amounts of this paint are included in the known repair kits.

For the large-area coating of an enamel tub but recommends the use of brushable paint, which is applied with a brush and roller. Before painting, clean up any deeper scratches and quirks with the 2-component putty from the repair kit.

Prepare surface for coating

A carefully prepared substrate is the most important basis for the enamel coating. This work should be done before the actual painting:

  • Remove silicone joints
  • Descale enamel
  • Roughen the surface completely with sandpaper
  • clean thoroughly
  • Fill in deeper scratches and quirks, then sand smooth
  • Dust everything carefully

Then stick the prepared tub or sink with tape and cover the fittings with foil. Now start painting.

The coating of enamel

Prune the edges with a high-quality brush that does not lose any hair. Work as fast as possible, but with precision, so that the paint does not dryness before you fill the surface.

Now paint the entire surface with the roller, finish the brush marks on the edges thoroughly. Always apply paint properly first and roll it out to a uniform thin layer.

Coat your enamel surface several times if the surface still shows through. Pay close attention to the required intermediate drying times, which are specified in the instructions for use of the paint!

Tips & Tricks

To avoid defects in the coating, first roll the paint across and then longitudinally. So hopefully you will catch all areas!

Video Board: 5. Enamel coating process and QC