Polishing enamel: That's how the bathtub shines like new

New items made of enamel look really nice, they have a fine surface gloss. However, over time thin plasters of limescale and dirt are deposited on sanitary enamel, or the material becomes dull due to numerous micro-fine scratches. How can the old shine be restored? Not only polishing paste can help, but also a simple home remedy.

Polish for enamel in the sanitary area

A special polishing paste not only helps to bring the plumbing enamel to a shine, but also causes a practical beading effect. As a result, limescale and dirt do not accumulate so quickly anymore, but the protective layer has to be renewed regularly.

A high-quality polishing paste, which cares for the sensitive enamel and does not attack further, should definitely be acid-free. Enamel is sensitive to acids and dulls with frequent use over time.

Most enamel polishing pastes can also be used for chrome and porcelain. So you can maintain the sanitary facilities "in a washing-up".

Polish enamel: That's how it works!

The application of the relevant polishing pastes is quite simple, the measure does not even require much time. Here is a short user manual for polishing enamel and chrome:

  • Apply polishing paste to a damp cloth
  • Circling the entire surface with gentle pressure
  • Scrub off stains less vigorously
  • rinse with clear water
  • Dry the surface thoroughly

Observe the instructions for use of the respective product, because this could possibly deviate from our brief instructions. The polishing will not be much more difficult.

Home remedy for shiny enamel

Another way to make the enamel shine is to use rinse aid. First clean the surface thoroughly, then dry everything and then rub the enamel with the dishwasher detergent.

Note, however: Too much scratched surfaces are also no longer heal by polishing. You may want to consider repainting your sanitary enamel.
In the 5th part of our series on the topic of enamels you will learn how to repaint your enamel surfaces.

Tips & Tricks

You save some cleaning work by wiping your enamel surfaces dry after each use. Then, in the long run, hardly any dirt accumulates.

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