Repair enamel with repair kit

The following materials and materials are required, they are available in the well-stocked hardware store as well as in the sanitary trade:

  • Enamel repair kit (mostly consisting of putty, hardener and repair spray)
  • spatula
  • dish soap
  • Alcohol or alcohol
  • abrasive paper
  • microfiber cloths

It can happen:

Especially in the bathroom are often installed with enamel-coated sanitary items. Shower and bathtub, but also the hand basin are often made of this durable, robust material. Nevertheless, minor inattention such as a falling perfume bottle can cause damage to the enamel. Small chipping, but also cracks make for a less beautiful look and are also places where the dirt gets stuck. In addition, the exposed steel can rust, which can lead to larger-scale damage.

This is how the repair works:

Smaller bumps caused by the damage should first be smoothed with the sanding paper. Thereafter, the area to be repaired is thoroughly cleaned. A simple dish soap does a good job here, but is not enough. In addition, the area must be cleaned with alcohol or alcohol and the microfibre cloths absolutely fat-free, to ensure optimal adhesion of the repair compound.

Then the filler is prepared from the repair kit according to the manufacturer's instructions. Here usually a special hardener must be thoroughly stirred. The finished mass is then applied with the help of the spatula carefully on the crack or the defect. It is important that there are no air bubbles and that not too much repair mass is used. Now the dry phase begins. Again, pay attention to the manufacturer's information. The dry season usually varies between 20 and 60 minutes. It is important that absolutely no impurities come to the repaired place. If the repair compound is moistened, it does not harden completely.

After hardening, excess areas and irregularities are sanded down with the sanding paper until a flat, absolutely smooth surface is created. Only then can it be guaranteed later that no dirt can accumulate here. Subsequently, the site is covered with the repair spray. Depending on the intensity of the spray can also be applied several times thinly. Enamel repair, fast and easy!

Video Board: Cramer Enamel Ceramic Scratch & Chip Repair Kit From Byretech