Enclosure - what costs do you have to expect?

There must be a fence around the garden. That makes sense. What costs can cause an enclosure, and what deviations are possible, read in this post. How to minimize costs as much as possible.

Cost in comparison

From our overview table you can see examples of the cost differences that can already occur with some common types of fence. We compared the costs for a 1-meter-high fence when set up by a specialist company per meter.

fence styleCost per meter at 1 m throwing height approximately
Wood, wooden slats30 - 45 EUR per meter
plastic80 - 110 EUR per meter
metal fence150 - 200 EUR per meter
Stone or natural stone100 - 200 EUR per running meter
Zaungabione (including filling)about 100 - 150 EUR per running meter

The costs can increase sharply with increasing height. Special design fences can also be much more expensive than our recommended prices.

Self-construction can reduce costs in some cases, but you always have to pay attention to what you actually can do professionally. Many costs (such as excavation for foundations) are more expensive and costly than one would expect.

Expensive gabions

Above all, the gabion fences advertised as "very inexpensive and easy to set up" cause significantly more work and costs than one would initially assume.

Often the filling is underestimated. This is hard work and the filler material costs in the simplest case around 100 - 150 EUR per ton and must be filled by hand.
In addition there is the effort and the cost of creating a suitable foundation (concrete in the fence, strip foundation.


When it comes to fencing, the mere cost alone should not be the deciding factor. Above all, the durability of a fence also plays an essential role in the calculation.

A wooden fence causes regular work and costs (sanding and repainting, repairs, etc.) and has a lower overall lifetime than a Kunstsotff or metal fence.

Also gabion baskets can rust (after 10 to 15 years, this risk is quite) and must then be renewed.

Tips & Tricks

Always put quality, care and durability in relation to the cost of the fence. So you can find the cheapest fence solution in the long term, even if it may be slightly more expensive at the beginning.

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