Energetic water - what is it?

Energetic water is similar to externally and chemically ordinary tap water. However, according to some esoterics, it should have significantly altered energetic qualities and be much healthier for the human body. What theories are here and how energetic water is generated is explained here.

Subtle energies

Esoterics see water not as a mere mixture of chemicals, but as "alive". It can accept different energy states and store information.

A distinction is made on the basis of these theories between "dead" tap water, which is often described as "left-handed", and natural, living and highly energetic water, for which the term "dextrorotatory" is often used.

Both terms are not measurable physical properties, but so-called "subtle energies". These energies are not measurable, as is the body energy of man in many eastern therapeutic directions.

Homeopathic concept of water

In connection with these theories is also the homeopathic concept of water. Here, too, water is interpreted as containing an "energy imprint" of substances. If a solution is diluted so much that it no longer contains a molecule of the substance, the "energy imprint" of the substance remains, which has exactly the opposite effect on the human body or on other organisms as the substance itself.

Physically, a first demonstration of this mechanic in a single experiment has already been made recently - conclusions of science and an acknowledgment of the principle are still pending.

Change the direction of rotation and "Inform"

A revitalization of the water, that is, the change from left-handed to right-handed water alone by the fact that you put water in water swirling again set in motion.

The "informing" of water over a rock crystal or certain gems - according to Prof. Emoto also simple messages on slips - should help to return the water its liveliness.

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So far, there is no scientific or medical evidence for the effectiveness of changing the water on the body. Some people think that they perceive a better taste of the water, but many notice no difference.

Tips & Tricks

Before the purchase of an expensive water revitalization device, you can even test the effect of turbulence yourself first.

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