The energy certificate for a single-family home

Surely you know how much fuel your car consumes, but do you also know how much energy your family home needs? In this article you will learn what the energy certificate is, when it is needed and where you can get it.

What is an energy passport anyway?

The energy certificate is a certificate that shows the energy consumption and needs of a house in order to present the energy efficiency of the dwelling to the prospective buyer or prospective tenant. The color scale, which ranges from A + (green) to H (red), shows directly whether the efficiency of the house is exemplary or desirable. This scale is certainly familiar to you from the electrical industry.

In this way, the results of possible refurbishments and improvements can be clearly displayed in order to set a rough guideline value of the later heating and electricity costs. In order to determine an energy efficiency value, all components, including walls, windows, the roof and the heating, are evaluated for insulation and structure.

The energy certificate for a single-family home: energy

When do I need an energy pass?

You only need an energy pass if you want to rent, sell or lease your house in order to show the prospective customer what maintenance costs he has to reckon with. If you live in your own building, you do not need this badge. Even in non-inhabited buildings such as a warehouse, you must present the prospect with an energy certificate.

Who can issue such an ID?

There is no specific authority that issues you an energy certificate. Anyone who has completed training in the field of construction, such as architects, structural engineers, engineers or certain craftsmen, may issue you with an energy certificate after the appropriate examination. To qualify as an exhibitor, the "specialist" must undergo a qualification examination by dena (Deutsche Energie Agentur).

How can I improve energy efficiency?

Elemental for a good energy efficiency are both a good insulation and a modern heating system. Although these values ​​are almost self-evident in a new family home, you should pay particular attention to the planning. For older buildings, renovations lead to exemplary efficiency and lower running costs.

If you would like to carry out a refurbishment, you should only do the necessary work in order not to break the budget. A comparison of providers on the Internet is recommended - if he is competent, he helps them to choose the right measures.

As you can see, the energy certificate is a certificate to show those interested in your single-family home how efficient it is. With an efficient house, especially with the energy prices of today, you have much better opportunities for sale or rent.

Tips & Tricks

Get an energy pass if you use your house yourself. The expert's opinion helps to identify inefficient components and to make the necessary improvements in case of doubt.

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