Energy meter comparison 2018

Purchase advice on the energy meter comparison or test 2018

  • In addition to the three-phase meters for the total power consumption, the energy consumption of individual devices or device groups can be monitored with flexible energy cost meters.
  • In addition, you can also enter kilowatt hour prices: You have full cost control and can quickly diagnose consumption irregularities.
  • The best energy meters can be integrated into the home network via WLAN. You can also view all data online via the Internet browser or smartphone app, and even switch electrical devices on and off while you're on the move.

Energy meter comparison 2018: energy

All costs in view: Energy meters are also available for the socket. Compared to the large three-phase meters of your energy supplier, you can even keep track of the power consumption of individual devices or device groups with the energy cost meters themselves.

In addition to the cost control, the power meters for the socket allow you to compare: Does the manufacturer's information on power consumption during operation and in standby match the actual power requirements of your electrical appliances?

Our following purchase advice gives you an overview of key criteria of an energy meter test. You will learn which features the best models bring and what you should not do without on your personal energy meter test winner.

1. More technology - more need for control

Energy meter comparison 2018: energy

With some energy meters you can save all data on an integrated SD card and evaluate it on the PC.

The digitization of all areas of life increases the demand for electronic devices in German households. Smartphones, tablets, electric toothbrushes, and wireless speakers either need a direct connection to AC power or need to be powered by rechargeable batteries.

On the other hand, energy costs are rising - also due to the very welcome demand for "clean" electricity. Here cost control is requiredNot only do electricity providers provide German households with enormous power: the Schuko sockets carry a voltage of 230 volts and can deliver a current of 16 amperes - that's an electrical output of 3,800 watts.

Power sockets even use all three lines of the three-phase alternating current and can supply more than 11,000 watts. These are provided in private households but usually only for the connection of an electric stove in the kitchen. For all other under or on-wall sockets applies: Single-phase alternating current with 3.8 kW maximum power.

you exact power consumption is recorded by your energy provider: Once a year, the data from your three-phase meter is used to create your year-end invoice. For recording the individual consumption of certain electrical appliances However, the energy cost meters also referred to as Wechselstomzähler are unsuitable. On the one hand, the energy meters capture all consumers in the household, on the other hand, they are usually installed in the basement.

Energy meter comparison 2018: meter

An energy meter helps monitor the consumption and cost of individual devices.

Especially if you have the Consumption and the cost of a single or even more connected to a power strip devices in view would like to help you with the models of our energy meter comparison. The small power meters for sockets can capture power consumption and electricity costs as a link. For the latter, you only have to enter the kilowatt hour price of your electricity tariff in the energy meter.

2. Not just consumption and costs - What else an energy meter indicates

Spent power and the corresponding amount of money are certainly the most important quantities that an energy meter for the power outlet can show you. In addition, can also be show more key figures:

Display Unitdescription
Apparent power in Voltampere (VA)
  • Maximum power from the highest voltage and current values ​​in an AC circuit
Reactive power in volt ampere reactive (var)
  • Power generated and consumed in the AC circuit by oscillation without being available for an electrical load
Active power in watts (W)
  • actually consumed power of an electrical device
Energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Effective power consumed over a period of time
  • can be used to calculate energy costs
electric current in amperes (A)
  • maximum current required by the appliance
electrical voltage in volts (V)
  • maximum voltage required by the appliance
Frequency in Hertz (Hz)
  • Number of oscillations per second at which the AC voltage in the power supply oscillates
In particular Apparent, active and reactive power are electrotechnical key figuresthat do not have any informational content for you in terms of energy costs. However, you can compare the voltage and current ratings with those on electrical equipment to quickly diagnose faulty manufacturer information.

3. Precise energy monitoring with the right measuring range

Energy meter comparison 2018: 2018

With the AVM FRITZ! DECT 200 you have full control even on the go.

What do you want to measure exactly how? This question is not insignificant, because when you buy a power meter you will be with the category measuring range faced. Here there are certain measuring limits up and downthat you should know.

Large electrical appliances are the energy eaters per se, Starting large washing machine drums at hundreds to thousands of revolutions per minute requires a lot of energy. Your energy meter should therefore be suitable for measuring large power consumption and displaying the data in kilowatt-hours. Here are recommended Devices that have an energy intake of 3,680 watts - ie the maximum power of a Schuko socket in German households - can measure over a longer period of time.

Conversely, sometimes the same Stand-by consumption of DVB receivers, DVD players or clock radios interesting. Because small cattle are also crap here. For this measuring range, you shouldUse measuring devices that already document consumption of 100 milliwatts.

4. Special functions required - What else can you expect from an energy meter?

Battery as a memory feature

Obvious: A power meter is also operated via mains power. The small integrated memory cells can thus permanently secure all accumulated consumption data. However, if a power failure interrupts the power supply, the data will be lost. Remedy energy cost meters with integrated battery. These will continue to power your small energy meter until power is restored from the socket.

Keyword smarthome and home networking: Since the small electronic gauges act as a link between the electrical outlet and the electrical appliance, you can take on certain special tasks. especially the Remote and time switch function is already integrated by many brand manufacturers.

Energy meters with WLAN function can even be controlled via the internet. So you not only keep an eye on your energy consumption, you can also Switch devices on or off via Internet browser.

Even more flexible: With a smartphone app, you can retrieve the information of your smart power outlets on the go and access the entire remote control. So you have the absolute control from anywhere in the world - assuming your smartphone is connected to the internet.

Tip: Many models also give you information about temperature, humidity and air pressure.

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