Energy saving lamp has exploded - what to do?

Unlike conventional light bulbs, energy-saving bulbs are extremely rare in practice. If it does happen nevertheless, some dangers can threaten. What you should pay attention to, and how to proceed correctly after the bursting of an energy-saving lamp, can be found in this article.

Light bulbs and energy-saving lamps

Bulbs have already burst once in a while. There were a few reasons for the bursting. In energy-saving lamps, a burst is much rarer, that an energy-saving lamp literally explodes is very rarely the case.

The causes are often either already "cracked" lamps or in rare cases, fault currents in the lamp. In general, exploding the energy-saving lamp does not repeat when a new lamp is inserted into the lamp socket.

Danger with damaged lamps

If energy-saving lamps are broken, there is certainly a risk to health. This is because an energy-saving lamp contains a certain amount of mercury. Mercury is dangerous to your health; it is important to avoid touching or inhaling it.

The poisonous material can be deposited in the brain and destroy nerve cells there. Although small amounts are only slightly dangerous, contact with mercury should definitely be avoided.

Particularly dangerous after the bursting of an energy-saving lamp is that the mercury is present during operation in gaseous form, so after the burst comes as a gas in the room air, and distributed there.

Correctly remove exploded lamp

  • Energy saving lamp
  • airtight vessel
  • cardboard

1. Ventilate the room

Open the windows in the room and let the room at least 15 min. aerate very thoroughly. This already considerably reduces the amount of mercury in the room air. Nobody should enter the room during this time.

2. Sweep the leftovers together

The remainder of the energy saving lamp should never be removed with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. It is best to use a piece of cardboard to scrape up the remnants.

3. Dispose of energy-saving bulb

Dispose of the lamp and the remains in the closed container either in the recycling center or at a designated collection point.

Tips & Tricks

Energy-saving lamps must not be disposed of with household waste, but only in the recycling center or at designated collection points. Disposal in the household waste threatens for a single lamp up to 400 EUR fine for several disposed lamps, the fine can be up to 1,000 EUR.