Save energy through window replacement

Save energy through window replacement: energy

Window replacement: Highly heat-insulated windows ensure that precious heating energy can not escape to the outside unused. Photo: djd / Schüco

In times when fossil fuel prices are getting more and more expensive, you should look for ways to save energy. Add to this the limited resources and the damage to the environment. So, if you save heating energy, you are not only doing something for your wallet, but also for the environment, because climate-damaging CO2 is being reduced. If a home-based investment pays for itself in a short time, you have done everything right. A window exchange is often worthwhile very fast.

Effective thermal insulation is the first step you should take. Many think of the roof first, but forget the windows. Therefore, old windows with single glazing or insulating windows older than 20 years should be replaced.

Window systems for a positive energy balance

Savings on heating costs, which can amount to several hundred euros per year, are possible through the installation of modern window systems. For example, in a single-family home with a living area of ​​180 square meters, built in 1980, it can save up to 720 liters of heating oil. The environment is thereby relieved by 1,300 m3 of CO2 per year. With the window systems from Schüco, thermal insulation values ​​up to the low energy standard are achieved.

Builders can choose between aluminum, steel or plastic when choosing a window. In addition, shape and color can be adjusted at will, and you can also combine with design elements. Thus, the property is visibly upgraded.

Energy generation possible

In addition to the possibility of saving energy through window systems, Schüco also offers energy generation. Solar systems are used - not only on the roof, but also on windows equipped with modern photovoltaic thin-film technology. This is how electricity is gained through sunlight. Even diffused light can be used, as proven by the ProSol TF window and façade module.

How much energy can be saved by the use of new windows, anyone can calculate for themselves. For this purpose, an energy-saving calculator can be found on the site, which is available for free.

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