Enough light into the darkness: Kellerfensterschacht

Light wells in front of the basement windows ensure that there is no longer constant darkness in your basement. The types and designs of basement window shafts are just as different as the prices of the individual models. Read more here.

Light shafts are available in different versions

Both in the assembly and in the luminous efficacy, the commercially available models differ very clearly from each other. Some models are designed in such a way that the installation and attachment of the light shaft can also be done by a single person - this is where ACO models stand out.

Also important is the reflectivity of the light well body - high-white, reflective surfaces allow much more light to penetrate the cellar than non-reflective surface coatings. The material for basement manholes is today however with most manufacturers in the trade simple plastic, almost always GRP or polypropylene.

Enough light into the darkness: Kellerfensterschacht: darkness

The dimensions are different standard heights, or depths: commonly used are 40, 50, 60 and 70 cm. The circumference measures are relatively uniform either 100 x 130 cm or 100 x 100 cm, but also 80 x 60 cm or 100 x 60 cm, and the dimensions 125 x 100 cm are common in the trade.

The prices for light wells are often quite different, depending on size, material and manufacturer. For the light shaft body, however, you must expect consistently several hundred euros.

However, you must also be aware that in addition to the light shaft, you will always need a corresponding light shaft cover - this can either be walk-only, the more stable versions are also passable.

That way you can save costs

Light wells and light well covers are also available as complete sets - usually you can get a price advantage here if you buy finished sets instead of the individual parts.

If you buy several light shaft systems or light shaft single body, you may be able to get a price reduction from one or the other dealer - negotiation is worthwhile in some cases.

Be sure to think about what you are demanding and what quality you actually need, and what you consider superfluous - so you can keep the price at a reasonable and reasonable level.

Tips & Tricks

Above all, make sure that your cellar shaft can actually be mounted watertight and that the manufacturer also guarantees this. Otherwise, you may later experience severe problems with water penetration.

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