Put an end to boring white: creatively designing the ceiling

In former times, ceilings were painted predominantly white, because this area in the room was not of particular importance. However, many people have discovered that an interestingly designed ceiling can increase the quality of living. We introduce you some interesting ideas.

The ceiling is picturesque

If you can handle paint and paint well, you have the advantage of being able to customize your ceiling in a very individual way. For the picturesque design, there are numerous templates, not only on the Internet. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint starry sky in the bedroom
  • apply decorative stencil patterns
  • Fill ceiling with thick liquid in harmonious tones
  • Roll up the color sample with cotton rag
  • Apply geometric patterns for decorative division with color
  • Use church painting or historical pattern books as a template

Decorate the ceiling with light sources

Re-design your ceiling with the help of light sources. For example, use spotlights that you can sink in a ceiling covered with plasterboard panels. Many small lights simulate sparkling stars, spotlights set exciting accents.

Make the ceiling plastic

For the plastic design of your ceiling there are many different decorative profiles made of hard foam or wood to choose from. These profiles are usually overpainted, so you can color out an individual touch.

The noble variant offers traditional stucco work, which some trained plasterers still offer today. The Do-it-Yourself process is best used to process wood panels, profiles and slats, which you can apply to your own taste on the ceiling.

Cover the ceiling with wood panels

The classic wood panels for the ceiling have long not come up to the mark, on the contrary: they are coming onto the market in ever new, modern variants. The heavy oak panels of bygone times are replaced by light, friendly tones - or strong grains.

Pattern wallpaper on the ceiling: why not?

For a long time, patterned wallpaper on the ceiling was considered taboo, as they often visually reduce the space. The advantage of this design option, however, is that interesting effects can be achieved with simple means.

Whether strong retro patterns or delicate flowers: patterned wallpaper is a real eye-catcher in the ceiling area. Choose a wallpaper that harmonizes in pattern and color with the rest of the room design to create a unified image.

Plaster the ceiling chic

Structure plaster is also very suitable for ceilings. Spread your plaster loosely with the tassel or rub it with the classic rubbing float. Put different designed plaster surfaces next to each other and combine the whole thing with an appealing lighting.

Tips & Tricks

Before you decorate your ceiling, let yourself be inspired by the diverse images on the Internet. That brings joy and delivers many great ideas!