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Coloring epoxy resin - instructions

Color epoxy: epoxy

The terms epoxy, resin and casting resin usually hides epoxy resin. The versatile material can be dyed safest with the color pigments intended by the manufacturer, Color pastes or concentrates. Then it is guaranteed that the special composition is coordinated.

But even experiments with other colors are often worthwhile. Especially when it broadens the spectrum of possibilities. As always while experimenting there are more or less successful results and often unexpected effects even with small deviations.

Since the commercially available epoxy resins and hardeners differ, In any case, we recommend trying before a larger application to do with their own starting materials. It's worth it because the material is not cheap and at the same time your own ideal mix can be found.

What can be used to color epoxy?

Color Pastes for Epoxy, Color Powder, and Other Epoxy Dyes:

Color epoxy: epoxy resin

With a starter kit, each epoxy resin can color.
  • Color paste RAL black
  • Color paste RAL white
  • Special color pastes
  • Starter Kit Epoxy Resin (7 Epoxy Resin Pastes)
  • Starterset transparent
  • Starter set glitter
  • Pigments for epoxy resin

Alternatives to special colors

  • printer ink
  • Airbrush colors

In general, color additives of any kind should be concentrated so that they have as little influence as possible on the curing of the material. In addition, the colors are always added to the finished resin-hardener mixture.

When cured, epoxy resin is usually colorless and transparent. When coloring, this transparency is more or less preserved depending on the color type and quantity.

Practical implementation - coloring of epoxy resin

Step 1: Mix the paint

If you want to mix a shade, then you should do this before touching the epoxy resin in peace, otherwise the processing time of the finished resin may be in short supply.

Step 2: Mix epoxy

Measure and weigh epoxy resin and hardener exactly according to manufacturer's instructions and mix well. Please also note the information on pot life, d. H. the time available for processing.

Step 3: Add paint to the epoxy resin

The proportion of color should usually make up no more than 5 to 10% of the finished colored epoxy resin, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Start with a very small amount (about a very small drop) and Mix everything well until the color appears homogeneous, Increase the color addition until you like the intensity of the color - up to the maximum amount specified. Stir well until no streaks, lumps or the like can be seen. In general, the more fluid the color, the easier it is to stir into the epoxy resin.

Frequently asked questions and answers on the topic

  • Color epoxy with acrylic paint? Normal acrylic paints often show deposits on the bottom of the solid resin. But many of the colors that are specifically offered for coloring epoxy resin are also acrylic colors - but more concentrated and with a different material composition.
  • Color epoxy resin white? Color epoxy resin black? These two colors are - like many others - also for admixing, however, they never become so opaque (opaque), such as a painted surface.
  • Color epoxy resin adhesive? It works the same way, but please pay attention to the processing time and expect it to take a little longer for the glue to dry completely.
  • Color epoxy resin transparent? Dye casting resin - transparent? Epoxy resin usually remains slightly transparent during dyeing anyway. Naturally, special color pastes are particularly suitable for transparent coloring. Even liquid alternative colors such as printer ink or airbrush ink result in correspondingly small amounts to very transparent results.
  • When dyeing epoxy resin use pigments? Pigments often have better UV stability and are therefore a good choice for outdoor applications or wherever the epoxy is exposed to light. The only downside is that it does not mix so easily homogeneously.
  • Coloring epoxy resin for terrarium or aquarium? This is not a problem as the epoxy resin does not dissolve or wash out after curing.
  • Dyeing epoxy resin with food coloring? This is not recommended because the colors are not lightfast for a long time and also have no suitable composition.
  • Coloring epoxy with ink (filler cartridges)? This is possible, but also the light fastness of ink is quite limited, so it depends on the location.
  • Colorize epoxy with effect paints? There are several of the special colors with effects, such as glitter. In the alternatives, there are many effect colors, especially among the airbrush inks, which can also be used well in the rule.


Epoxy resin and the various hardeners are usually harmful before curing and may only be used with the manufacturer's recommended protective measures. These usually include good ventilation and / or respiratory protection as well as nitrile or chemical protective gloves and possibly also safety goggles.

Neither the hardener nor the resin should come into contact with the skin. Please read and observe carefully the warnings on the packaging.

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