Epoxy resin instead of sand in the plaster joint - durable solution

We all know that, the driveway or a terrace has recently been repaved and yet weeds sprouting again and the sand has long been washed out of joint. Anyone who does not want to constantly clean the paving joints and refill them with sand can seal these heavily loaded joints with epoxy resin and sand.

Paving joint mortar for order

While when cleaning with the high-pressure cleaner, the pavement joints are usually completely washed out, the joint is significantly more robust after being sealed with epoxy resin and sand. However, so that the joints continue to be permeable to water, in contrast to a cement joint, a certain 2-component plaster joint mortar must be purchased at the hardware store.

Chlorine resistant pave around the pool

This 2-component grout even tolerates chlorine and is therefore an ideal solution for paving around a pool. Even if the flagstones may need to be washed once with a special cleaner, the paving joints will not resent it.

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