Epoxy resin is used everywhere

Anyone who has ever used epoxy resin for a building in the aquarium or perhaps in boat building often does not even know where epoxy resin is still in there. Whether as a metal adhesive or for the construction of gliders on the interior painting of hair spray cans. Here's what epoxy resin is used for.

Construction adhesive or reaction resin mortar

Reaction resin mortar says nothing to most home improvement initially. However, if you want to cast a stone carpet to make a floor-level shower, you will need this resin-based mortar. At the same time, epoxy resin is a special metal adhesive and construction adhesive for household, model making and boatbuilding.

Painting and repairing compound for concrete

Industrial floors are now often sealed with epoxy resin. The material is impact-resistant and virtually indestructible after complete curing. This is why concrete walls are also coated in sensitive areas. In addition, the epoxy resin is used to repair concrete and old wood.

For wood, epoxy resin acts as a seal, even when the wood is already rotten. The epoxide can even have static effects.

Shipbuilding and corrosion protection

Also in shipbuilding epoxy is used as a paint. The coating prevents rust and corrosion even in salt water. Steel structures on bridges also benefit from the high-quality material.

Aquarium and terrarium

A wooden terrarium can be perfectly sealed with the epoxy compound. The product is completely non-toxic to the animals after curing. Back walls in aquariums and terrariums can be plastically self-built and then waterproof and secure by a seal with epoxy.

Cast resin of epoxy

Epoxy components are manufactured using a casting process or made into modern components with a reinforcement of carbon or aramid fiber. However, glass fiber is most frequently used in conjunction with epoxy resin. Especially in the construction of gliders and now also in large passenger aircraft, this modern material is used.

Food packaging and pipe rehabilitation

Epoxy resin is extremely diverse. Therefore, it is also used for the interior protective paint of many different packaging materials. Drinking water pipes or the pipe system of a floor heating system can thus be repaired via a pipe interior renovation.

Tips & Tricks

If you need epoxy resin for private projects, buy exactly the product that fits the theme. For many of the applications mentioned above, there are special epoxy compounds that are not necessarily suitable for other projects.

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