Paint epoxy - that's how the paint works

Since epoxy resin is so impact-resistant after drying and has an absolutely smooth surface, this material is difficult to paint. In addition, the fewest paints to an epoxy resin fit. Most paints for vehicles, however, are compatible with the epoxy. Certain boat paints are also suitable for painting epoxy resin.

Different ways to paint epoxy

Basically, there are three different ways to paint epoxy. Either a special epoxy paint is purchased, which combines all the properties of good paint and epoxy resin in itself or the epoxy is colored in advance with tinting paint or pigments in powder form.

The epoxy paint is, however, like the epoxy resin 2-component and therefore a little harder to work. But epoxy can never be full color. It always looks slightly translucent like stained glass. A true opaque rich color will be produced only with a colored topcoat. Car paint can be a good solution.

  • Color epoxy with color pigments
  • Epoxy resin paint 2-component
  • Car paint or special synthetic resin paints

Try and inform

For an important and expensive project, a paint should be selected before the purchase of the epoxy resin. Most manufacturers offer specific product lines in which the individual elements are well tolerated. Otherwise, you can usually just ask the manufacturer, which recommends this as a paint.

Even if the paint is recommended by the manufacturer of the epoxy, it is always safer to try the effect first. A small piece of wood that is laminated with the epoxy resin can be perfect for trying out.

Clear varnish against yellowing

Many builders today want to at least partially receive a fair-faced concrete. This is then also sealed with epoxy resin. So that the epoxy does not turn yellowish at some point, a special epoxy should be purchased, which is yellowing.

The second option is a clearcoat that additionally protects the epoxy. Again, a car paint is usually the best option.

Tips & Tricks

The easiest way is always to paint the object before painting the epoxy over it. Especially when sealing three-dimensional objects for the aquarium or terrarium, this is the best solution.

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