Release epoxy resin residue-free

Epoxy resin is ideal for sealing cracks in concrete or joints. Epoxy is the perfect and very robust solution for many different purposes. However, if stains or residues are left after processing epoxy, they are very difficult to remove. Here we show you how to solve epoxy resin.

Carefully and cleanly work with epoxy

Since epoxy resin is difficult to remove, you should use extra caution and caution. Always keep a bottle of thinner and a rag ready when mixing the 2-part epoxy with the hardener. This prevents that epoxy resin can even begin to dry.

Gloves should always be worn as the thinner will dry the skin extremely. Also always protect the area outside the processing zone. The thinner can also peel off any paint color.

Step by step loosen epoxy resin

  • Synthetic Resin Thinner
  • Epoxy resin remover
  • spatula
  • brush
  • old soft rag
  • abrasive paper
  • heat gun
  • wire brush

1. Fresh or dried?

Depending on whether the epoxy resin is already dried, with a cleaner or dilution is not much to do. If possible, you should immediately start with the detergent.

2. Release fresh epoxy resin

With a special epoxy cleaner or the usual resin dilution, a fresh epoxy should be removed with a soft cloth. You may be able to help with a wire brush.

3. Remove dry epoxy

Unfortunately, after drying it is no longer possible to remove epoxy by chemical means. You then have to use abrasive paper and a wire brush to scrape off the residue. For difficult cases, you can use a grinder with a diamond wheel. Without intervention in the substance, dry epoxy is unfortunately not available.

4. Post-cleaning

No matter if you were successful with a cleaner or the grinding method. The residues must also be removed. Therefore, you should finally rinse with lukewarm water and a little washing up liquid the affected areas.

Tips & Tricks

Wear protective clothing if you want to dissolve epoxy. Different solvents can damage your clothes. But even more important is to inhale as much as possible of these substances or to get in the eye. Therefore, you should wear both a respirator and glasses if you want to dissolve epoxy resin.

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