Paint epoxy - only with high quality paints

When painting epoxy, it is important to choose the right paint. No waterborne paint or varnish will be suitable for recoating epoxy resin. Thanks to Epoxy, however, the most diverse projects for home improvement can be realized, since ultimately the color of the project should fit perfectly.

Coat epoxy resin

If you want to paint over epoxy, you have to pay close attention to the product line. The best products for this purpose are paints recommended by the manufacturer of the epoxy resin. It should not be just any boat paint or car paint used without checking how the two products react together.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to first coat a sample with epoxy and, after complete curing, paint that sample with the paint. Afterwards you should again wait a few days, as the result is. Curing is important again when painting over.

Color the epoxy

It is also possible for many manufacturers to dye epoxy before processing. For this purpose, pigments in powder form are stirred into the liquid mass. Again, however, the recommendations of the manufacturer must be considered.

Video Board: Big Resin Painting Epoxy Art