Build espresso machine yourself

An espresso machine usually costs a lot of money. Since it would be handy if you could just build one yourself. Will that work? We explain the possibilities to build an espresso machine yourself and which cheap alternatives the market offers.

Can you build an espresso machine yourself?

Of course you can. However, it is questionable whether the effort is worthwhile. The individual parts necessary for an espresso machine, e.g. Pump, kettles, brew group and portafilter would cost more than a complete espresso machine.
However, less complex inventions without electricity are possible:

The homemade coffee machine

The special thing about an espresso machine is, among other things, that the water is chased by the coffee powder at a high pressure. It's rather difficult to do without electricity and without complex constructions. Therefore, your home-made espresso machine will rather be able to brew strong coffee. So you can, for example, yourself build a filter holder, e.g. from half a coconut shell or another domed, heat-resistant object:

  • Make a small hole in the object at the lowest point.
  • Put a coffee filter in it. If it does not fit, you can trim it a bit.
  • Add one to two spoonfuls of slightly coarser ground coffee powder.
  • Put your self-made filter holder on a cup.
  • Heat water in a kettle or saucepan and gradually pour the water onto the coffee powder.
  • Make sure that the cup does not overflow!
  • If the coffee is flowing too slowly or not at all, you can make the hole a bit bigger. Your home-made coffee is ready.

Inexpensive espresso machines

When you hear the word espresso machine, you are probably thinking of a complex technical device that uses water to heat water and brew a tasty espresso from finely ground espresso powder. Such espresso machines cost from 100 euros upwards. But it does not always have to be electronic! There are two cheaper espresso machines, which do without electricity and therefore not only in the purchase but also in the conservation are cheaper.
Such espresso machines are for example:

  • The espresso maker: The metal jug is filled with water and espresso powder and placed on the stove. A few minutes later you have a delicious espresso.
  • The Cona-Kanne: This German invention works on a similar principle as the espresso maker, but here you can completely observe the process thanks to the glass flask.

  • Video Board: Italian Espresso From Engine Parts • How to make it