Clean espresso machine: Daily and once a week

To achieve a delicious espresso flavor, it is essential that the espresso maker and associated items are perfectly clean. Therefore it is necessary to clean the espresso machine both daily and weekly. We explain which cleaning work should be done daily and which once a week.

Daily cleaning

Before and after each espresso preparation, the brew group should be rinsed briefly so that any coffee residue that may adhere to it is rinsed out. Before espresso preparation, rinsing also ensures that insufficiently heated water that is still in the line is flushed out.
After each use, the steam lance should be wiped with a damp cloth and rinsed once briefly, so briefly turned on, so that the milk residues are blown out of the holes.
In addition, the container should be emptied daily and rinsed briefly, so he does not start to mold.

Instructions for weekly cleaning

Once a week, the espresso machine should be cleaned with a special detergent, ie coffee grease remover. We explain how to do it step by step.

1. Clean the brew group

Place the blind sieve (looks like a rubber stopper) in the portafilter and place a teaspoon of coffee degreaser on it. Attach the filter holder to the machine. Now press the espresso button as if preparing an espresso. Count to ten and turn off the process.

Repeat the whole five times. Then empty the filter holder and rinse the filter holder and blind sieve under running water.

Then place the blind sieve again in the filter holder and repeat the above procedure - this time without degreaser! This is how you rinse out the chemicals.

Then remove the filter holder and clean the brew group in a circular motion with a soft bristled brush. Then rinse once or twice.

2. Clean the steam lance

As usual, wipe the steam lance with a damp, warm cloth and rinse once. Then fill a sufficiently large container with hot water and insert the lance as far as possible. Let it soak for at least an hour, if necessary overnight and then remove any milk residue with a soft cloth. You can also put a special cleaner in the water.

Clean filter holder

If possible, disassemble the filter holders into their individual parts. Put them in hot water with coffee degreaser and let them soak for several hours. Clean any residue with a sponge or cloth.

Tips & Tricks

Your espresso machine also needs to be decalcified now and then. Find out how to do it here.

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