Have an espresso machine repaired or lend a hand?

An espresso machine does not cost a lot of money. It is all the more disturbing when suddenly it stops working. We explain what common mistakes espresso machines can make, whether you can repair your own espresso machine yourself and what a professional repair can cost.

An espresso machine can show a lot of quirks. Some are less awkward and easy to fix, while others often just have to go to professional repair.

Slight error: noise, delays or taste change

Your espresso machine makes noise? Or the brewing process takes much longer than usual? Or do you feel that the coffee tastes different? The solution to the problem is often quite simple: the espresso machine has to be descaled. Lime deposits can cause delays in the brewing process, temperature fluctuations, noise and changes in taste. So if one of these problems crop up, try descaling it. How to do this, we explain to you step by step in this article: Descale the espresso machine.

Moderate error: A leak

Your espresso machine has a leak? If your espresso machine is dripping, e.g. because of that a tube has slipped. In this case, you can try to screw your espresso machine as much as possible to get access to the hoses and connections. Check the connections and reconnect the hoses if necessary. Maybe a hose needs to be replaced?

Serious errors: electronics or pump

Your espresso machine just goes on or off? Or she does not draw water or brews espresso for other reasons? In these cases, there is a more serious error that you probably can not fix yourself. Then you will probably need to go to a repair service.

How much is a repair?

How much a repair costs in a particular case, of course, can not say per se. However, there is a repair service on the Internet, which offers the repair of Siebträgermaschinen different manufacturers for a fixed price. For 209 euros, the electronics are repaired replaced boiler, replaced defective housing parts or other broken parts replaced. The price includes return shipping, replacement parts, working hours, cleaning and 12 months warranty. Just ask Espressomaschinendoctor to see if the experts can fix your espresso machine.

Tips & Tricks

Prevent clogging and aging by regularly cleaning and descalering your espresso machine.

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