Espresso machine for the stove

You are looking for an espresso machine that you can simply put on the stove. The so-called espresso pot is very cheap both in purchase and in terms of running costs. How to use them correctly and what to look for when buying is explained below.

How is the espresso pot constructed?

The espresso pot is an espresso machine for the stove, which conjures up delicious espresso without electricity. It consists of several disassemblable parts: The lower part is, so to speak, the kettle and is filled with fresh tap water. Above it comes the funnel insert, which is filled with finely ground coffee powder and on top of that comes the coffee pot with the riser, through which the espresso rises when the water is heated and bubbles into the jug.

What should you look for when buying the stove espresso machine?

When buying two things should be noted: the size of the espresso machine and the material.

The size

The espresso maker is available in different sizes. When buying, remember that the pot of Espressi brews, no coffee! That is, a small can of half a liter or less is actually enough for a two-person household. The pot must always be filled completely, so that sufficient pressure is exerted on the coffee powder. If the funnel insert is only half full, this has an adverse effect on the taste. Therefore, it is important that you do not buy a big pot.

The material

Espresso machines for the stove are made of aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum cans can cause the metal to peel off, which negatively impacts both taste and health. In addition, aluminum espresso pots can not be used on induction hobs. Therefore, stainless steel espresso pots are recommended, even if they are slightly more expensive.

What to look for when cooking espresso?

To brew a delicious espresso with the stove pot, you should note a few subtleties:

The right degree of grinding

For the preparation of espresso in the espresso maker, a medium degree of grinding should be chosen. The correct degree of grinding depends on how long the coffee powder comes into contact with the water, how quickly it has to absorb the aroma.

The optimum amount of coffee powder

The funnel liner should always be filled with paint to build up the pressure necessary for a perfect coffee taste. The coffee powder should be lightly pressed with your fingers.

Tips & Tricks

The espresso machine takes only a few minutes to prepare your espresso. Remove it from the cooker as soon as it is ready to prevent the lower part from overheating without water. even turns black.

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