Eternichindeln have a long life

A roof made of Eternit offers many advantages. It is inexpensive, very weather-resistant and can be produced in various formats. It can be easily processed and there are different cover types for laying.

Eternichindeln were in the 1960 to 1980 years as the first choice for a roofing. They are virtually indestructible and convince with an extremely long service life.

Advantages and disadvantages

Eternit is a very cheap building material that does not suffer from freezing temperatures or intense sunlight. Moisture can not penetrate the shingles, so moss and algae have no chance on the surface.

Just over two decades ago, it was discovered that Eternit may affect one's health. Modern Eternichindeln are healthier harmless, but when processing the material is recommended respiratory protection. Roof shingles made of Eternit are usually made of fiber cement, which is not flammable. It has a high breaking strength, is breathable and permeable.

The surfaces

Eternit shingles are commercially available in a smooth or textured finish. Colors such as dark gray, classic or brick red, dark brown, blue black, zinc gray, dark blue, dark red, light gray and crystal white can be found there.

The smooth Eternichindeln are characterized by a silky glossy surface. They give, just like the structured shingles, every building, whether new building or renovation, a great look.

Eternichindeln offer the following properties

  • non-flammable
  • very long lasting
  • easy processing
  • individual look
  • extremely break-proof
  • versatile

With the cover type you have the choice between old German cover, rhombus cover, lace cover or double cover. Depending on the type of installation, of course, the required amount of Eternichindeln varies, including the price of the material.

The providers and prices on the Internet

  • has 30 x 30 cm large Eternit roofing and facade panels, perforated, for 1.65 euros the piece on offer.
  • offers Eternichindeln in honeycomb structure, 20 x 20 cm, color blue-black, for 0,82 Euro the piece.
  • offers good information and a large selection of colors on Eternichindeln, but without quotation.

Tips & Tricks

The processing of older Eternichindeln can lead to health problems. In order to avoid the inhalation of dust generated during drilling or sawing, it is essential to wear respiratory protection.

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