Dispose of Eternit plates

The name Eternit is a brand name for cement mixed with durable fibers. The asbestos fibers used until 1993 are being replaced in modern products with glass or plastic fibers. Since the fine asbestos dust, which is badly damaging to health, releases itself immediately on every eruption - even the smallest break - disposal of the earth is difficult.

The plates must be transported in their original size to the public municipal recycling or pollutant farms. In some regions, the legislator stipulates that only professional waste disposal companies may dispose of the Eternit plates. Before disposing, it is important to make inquiries about the rules and regulations.

Beware of black sheep among the disposers

  1. Before disassembling the Eternit boards, municipal waste authorities provide information on the procedures and costs for disposal.
  2. As a service, professional and professional disposal companies offer dismantling, transport and proper disposal as a package. It should absolutely be an officially approved company. In case of doubt, ask the municipality or city council if approval according to the Technical Rule for Hazardous Substances 519 (TRGS 519) is available.
  3. For the disposal of smaller quantities of Eternit plates, the waste authorities offer special plastic bags or foils in which the Eternit plates must be packed immediately after disassembly.
  4. When dismantling and transporting by hand, protective clothing must be worn, including a breathing mask and igh-density gloves.
  5. The costs are regionally very different and remain for moderate household quantities of up to about three times the trunk volume of a conventional car usually moderate.
  6. The disposal of Eternit plates is not uniformly regulated. The information of a commercial or public disposal company can already show a few kilometers wide differences. Comparisons, on the one hand, can save a lot of costs and, on the other hand, greatly reduce the effort.
  7. Uniformly, the processing or open storage of disassembled Eternit plates throughout Germany is prohibited.
  8. In case of doubt, the disposal of Eternit plates always to professional and approved companies.

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