Eternit roof tiles

After the ban on asbestos as fibrous material in Eternit plates - in Germany since 1993, Europe-wide since 2005 - fully synthetic plastics were developed, which replaced the function of asbestos. Today, Eternit roof tiles are completely asbestos-free and can be produced in a wide range of colors and shapes.

Standard covers with and without structure

A widespread form of the individual roof panels is the so-called "German coverage". The individual roof tiles have the shape of a rhombus with two-sided rounded overlay edges. This "bow cut" creates a high-quality look and can have both a smooth surface and a roughened structure. The most common colors are blue-black, anthracite, dark brown or brick red. The offer also includes the brick-like Klassikrot, crystal white and light gray. As an alternative to the arc cuts, diamonds with straight edges are also used in the so-called lace mask covering. In this roofing form, the lower corner of the rhombus protrudes a few millimeters above the underlying roof panel. As a third option, the "usual" rectangular cover, also called double cover or linoleum cover, is available for selection. Here are visually attractive effects to achieve by horizontal partial overlaps.

Important considerations before and during the purchase

The roof panels made of Eternit are sold in contiguous fields of twenty by twenty centimeters to - depending on the shape of the plate - sixty-five-centimeter single pieces. Here it must be considered in the calculation that waste has to be added up according to the roof area. In addition, the necessary accessories must be procured in the correct quantity. In addition to the fastenings such as facade nails and plate hooks or brackets are required surface deaerator, special ridge and ridge ventilators, wind angle, slate pins and grout. Square meter prices from eight euros including accessories represent a realistic guideline. The Eternit roof panels are available in roofing companies, hardware stores and on the Internet without any problems in a large selection. It is advisable to consult with a specialist salesman or roofer before purchasing, in order to have the laying and the cut explained.

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