The Euro pallet has two types of load

For a euro pallet, there are the point and surface load. The surface load corresponds to the total load, which is usually around 1500 kilograms. Many providers allow payloads or loads of up to 2000 kilograms. However, if the Euro pallet has to be moved frequently and frequently during loading, storage or unloading, the maximum load of 1500 kilograms is recommended.

A point load is used when a maximum force acts on a small area of ​​a few square centimeters. A typical example are upright set components made of iron or steel, whose total weight is distributed over a relatively small contact surface. As a point load Euro pallets usually tolerate up to 1000 kilograms.

However, the distribution of weight on the Euro pallet is important. The cover boards are naturally most viable near the support points on the sub-base blocks. Second most stable bearing surface are the contact points on the cross boards. The weakest points are the free-floating deck boards and especially the edges.

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