Plant and maintain the evergreen pine as a natural screen

The evergreen pine as a natural screen

Plant and maintain the evergreen pine as a natural screen: plant

Scots pine of Central and Northern and Eastern Europe is by far not the only pine species in the world - In total there are about 100 speciesincluding the sugar pine with 50 centimeters long needles and the Coulter pine with 3 kilogram thorny cones.

Some of these species are also cultivated outside our natural habitat in our regions. These include the mountain pine of the Alps and southern European mountains, whose special form of dwarfish "Latsche" as a garden plant a certain popularity has attained.

Black pine and Scots pine

The black pine of Austria and southern Europe, which by their long needles, big buds and the dark trunk is much more powerful compared to the native Scots pine, is quite common in parks. A luscious nobility is characterized by another species of pine, the arve or stone pine, native to Siberia and the Alps.

She will be up over 1,000 years old - and is thus still far from being the pine species that reaches the highest age. This is the California "Grannenkiefer" reserved, whose oldest living specimen 4,600 years old is the oldest living tree in the world.

Bristlecone as "silver fir"

While the right short-grown pear pine So far hardly planted in Europe, one had placed high hopes in another American pine species just a few decades ago - into the Strobe or Weymouth pine with her long, soft needles.

A fungal disease, the "Strobenblasenrost", sets the cultivation of this tree, however, very narrow limits. Today it is mostly only in former moors for jewelry green production planted.

The branches are offered in the pre-Christmas period as "silver fir". The least of the Around 100 pine species worldwide are currently in Europe known - but their time may yet come.

So far only a few species are hardy enough to survive in our latitudes. Should be in the future climate-changing world the harsh winters fall away, these species, which usually tolerate long periods of drought, might have one Survival advantage over the native tree specieswho can not cope with dry phases, such as the beech.

Pine tree as a Christmas tree

More information about silver firs and pines as a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations can be found in our pages on Christmas tree and Christmas tree.

More information about Kiefer, the tree of the year 2007, can be found here.

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