Cost example for a wall made of sand-lime brick

Sand-lime brick is rightly considered a very cheap alternative when erecting masonry. What cost advantage you have when using sand-lime brick, and what this cost advantage in some cases relativized again, you can read here.

Sand-lime bricks are cheap and pressure-resistant

This is mainly due to the production method - the lower firing temperatures cause significantly lower energy consumption in the manufacture of sand-lime bricks, which is reflected in lower prices. In addition, sand-lime bricks have a particularly high compressive strength, and are therefore also ideal for load-bearing masonry.

Price differences arise with lime sandstone mainly by the compressive strength class, in addition - of course - also by different stone sizes and especially stone thicknesses. The thicker the masonry should be, the more expensive the stones are. But that's the same with all other types of masonry.

Possibly higher insulation effort

A serious disadvantage, which often relativizes the cost advantages of sand-lime bricks, is above all the poor calorific value of sand-lime brick compared to other building materials. In particular, lightweight materials, such as aerated concrete blocks, yes have a relatively good thermal insulation effect.

The relatively cheap stone - the approximate prices are between about 0.40 and 0.90 EUR per stone - is then in many cases in exterior walls, a much higher Dämmaufwand compared. For many construction projects this can lead to higher total costs despite cheaper stones.

In our example project we want to build an inner wall with a thickness of 11, 5 cm. The wall length here is exactly four meters, the wall height in our sample room 2.40 meters. To the KSL bricks we use thin-bed mortar.

Cost overview example project

1. KSL 2DF bricks, à 0,45 Eur: 157,00 EUR
2. Thin bed mortar, 25 kg: 9,52 EUR
Total price therefore: 166,52 EUR

Tips: Use sand-lime bricks successfully

Within buildings, where thermal insulation and high sound insulation are not important, heat insulation is a very good choice. They are also easy to lay, and even static-loaded walls can be significantly thinner and thus even cheaper and easier to run.

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