Excavator: What costs do you have to expect?

When it comes to earthmoving, you have several options: you can lend a hand, but you can also dig it. What costs are generally expected, and where cost traps lurk, read in this post.

Dredge or rent excavators?

Basically, there are three ways to perform excavation work:

  • rent a mini excavator and dredge yourself
  • hire a digger with a driver or
  • have the excavation work done by a professional company

Of course, the costs are quite different.

Dredge yourself

Basically, the variant of the self dredging course is the cheapest. The prices for a mini excavator are usually around 100 - 120 EUR per day, with slightly larger excavators, they are consistently higher.

If you rent for longer than one day, the costs often go down. Converted to one day, you can expect here from about 80 EUR per day.

But make sure that you have to take additional costs into account: You must buy fuel and also dispose of the excavated earth.

Rent excavator with driver

Here, in order to include the driver, usually billed by the hour. You have to assume that the costs range between 60 and 90 EUR per hour. You must also dispose of the excavated material yourself here (subject to a charge).

This is worth an attempt to dig yourself, certainly - even if you work very slowly as a beginner.

Dredge costs

The costs for a complete execution of the excavation including the disposal of the soil are still slightly higher than for the rental with driver, but are mainly based on the local conditions. Beware of unpleasant surprises: If the soil conditions are not as expected (for example, particularly rocky) can be very high costs incurred, which are often then far above the offer price.

Keep in mind that, for example, a GaLa farmer has more opportunities to dispose of excavated material and thus make disposal relatively cheaper. This should always be considered when comparing costs.

Tips & Tricks

You will find important tips on self-digging in this article. Pay particular attention to the safety when it comes to self-dredging, working speed always comes in second place.

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