Exhaust air dryer or heat pump dryer - a small decision-making aid

When it comes to the purchase of a new dryer, good advice is often difficult. Both exhaust and heat pump dryers have their advantages and disadvantages, and the price difference is significant. You can therefore find out which model is best for which operating conditions from this article.

Installation Site

The first and most important criterion is the planned location of the dryer. If the installation site is a windowless, unventilated room, it becomes difficult with the exhaust air dryer. Here, in order to get the exhaust air into the open, a wall breakthrough must be made.

This is not always possible in all cases, and also means a lot of effort and dirt if you try.

Even passing out over an existing window is not always optimal - especially in winter, the window must remain open during the entire drying process to keep the hose outside. This leads to high heat losses when the outside temperatures are cold.

At such locations, the heat pump dryer is clearly the better alternative. Here, the condensate tank must be emptied only at regular intervals, if you can not immediately derive the condensate directly via an existing wastewater connection.

drying rate

Exhaust air dryers are the fastest dryers by comparison. They also work with very high temperatures of up to 110° C. With an exhaust air dryer, the programs run the shortest.

By contrast, heat pump dryers operate in a temperature range of around 45 - 60° C. Drying processes take much longer. In some cases, the laundry may take up to 2-3 hours or even more to dry. The lower temperatures are also gentle on the laundry.

power consumption

The energy consumption of a heat pump dryer is around 40 - 50% compared to the exhaust air dryer, assuming the same conditions.

So you can save half or even more with the heat pump dryer. This is not only ecological, but also economical. However, one must also have some other points in mind.

Heat pump dryers have a much higher purchase price, so that the price difference has to pay off. In most cases this will be the case after about 5 to 10 years. Only then, in fact, do you really start to save money.

Many heat pump dryers have a lower service life compared to the exhaust air dryer and are susceptible to repair. This too can neutralize the advantage of lower power consumption.

Tips & Tricks

Good condensate dryers without heat pump technology are mature, durable and significantly cheaper than heat pump dryers. In view of the long payback periods, they too can be a good choice in many cases.

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