Exotic flowers of lilies

Admire the flowers of the lilies in your own garden

Exotic flowers of lilies: lilies

The lily inspires many garden lovers with its exotic look and its great variety of colors.

Because of their beauty, the lilies are even considered oldest known cultivated plant, Depending on the variety, the lilies are blooming from June to August in the most magnificent colors and spread a pleasant scent.

There are about 120 different species of lilies. Originally, the exotic bulbous flowers come from China and North America. But in Europe, various species were native.

Whether in noble white or strong pink: Lilies prepare with their extraordinary flowers every year anew joy and look particularly beautiful in front of evergreen hedges.

But beware: the pollen of the lilies only works difficult again from clothing Out.

They find out in the following more about Planting, care and wintering of beautiful lilies in the home garden.

Lilies as a garden plant

Lilies are very popular cut flowers and are suitable for colorful and opulent bouquets.

But in the vase her lifetime is very limited. Gardening friends plant the Onion flower, therefore, preferably in your own flower bed or in a bucket, because here, too, the exotic floral beauty grows ideal.

The lily is not only beautiful as a specimen plant, even in one colorful group planting comes the elegance and exoticism of ornamental plants especially good expression. If the lilies stand in front of evergreen plants or hedges, their petals are even more colorful.

Nevertheless, there are some Differences between individual lily speciesthat you should already consider when buying a optimal plant growth and a long flowering phase to ensure.

Claims and ideal location of lilies

Exotic flowers of lilies: exotic

When choosing a location, pay attention to the individual requirements of the lily

Lilies thrive in the sun very well. Still, they need enough shade to keep theirs sensitive roots to prevent dehydration.

Therefore, ideally plant your lilies between others, leafy plants that provide adequate protection Offer. Alternatively, you can put flat-growing groundcover between the exotics.

Lilies also suffer from severe drought waterlogging, This leads to so-called stem rot and can cause lasting damage to the plant.

Choose a location with loosened and humus soil, Loamy soil can be treated with fine sand before planting.

tip: Some varieties prefer lime-rich soils, other lilies would thrive in them little or no. Therefore, always pay attention to the individual needs of the ornamental plant and then select an appropriate location.

As some Lilies an impressive height of up to two meters You should plant these high-growing varieties in the back of the bed, otherwise they shade unwanted lilies and other plants in the bed. You should also have this great Lilien with a wand before wind protect.

Plant lilies

Exotic flowers of lilies: lilies

Lilies form beautiful blooms with ideal soil conditions.

Lilies are winter-proof bulb flowers and can in Spring or autumn be set outdoors.

An exception here are the Madonna lilies planted in late summer become. Before planting, remember that the bulbs of the lily remain in the soil for several years.

So plan one in advance sufficient planting distance of at least 20 centimeters between the onions to avoid later displacement. Only then can the plants develop optimally.

tip: If lilies only sparsely bloom after many years of existence, they should be implemented. In fresh, humus rich soil the ornamental plants can recover.

Compacted substrate should be treated with small kerbstones or fine sand become. Lift a planting hole that is one to two times the diameter of the onion

, Then put the onion with the Tip up into the planting hole and cover everything again with the enriched excavation.

tip: Does your soil tend to waterlogged? Then add an extra drainage layer of expanded clay or small clay slices for improved water removal before placing the lily in the planting hole.

Carefully cultivate garden lilies

Exotic flowers of lilies: lilies

With light care, lilies develop stunning flowers in exotic colors and shapes.

At the ideal location and at In ideal soil conditions, lilies are quite undemanding in their care.

In midsummer, that must Always keep substrate moist, The emphasis here is on wet: prolonged wetness harms the exotic beauty and makes her roots rotten.

A additional mulch layer supports healthy water storage and protects the delicate lily roots from excessive heat.

tip: If you have planted groundcover as a sunscreen, you must pay attention to a specific irrigation of the lilies. Because large leaves serve not only as a positive sun, but also as a negative umbrella.

Once the lilies their show first buds, will you supplied with special fertilizer, Stick to the manufacturer anga here

ben. Alternatively you can organic fertilizers such as horn shavings or compost dodge. A single fertilization per year is enough for a healthy plant growth.

Cut lilies, multiply and overwinter

Exotic flowers of lilies: lilies

Lilies form their seeds after flowering. These are suitable for a new sowing.

After flowering, the lily is cut for the first time.

If you have no use for the seeds, the flower can now be removed. Otherwise, let the flower persist. Here form after the Flowering phase the seedswhich you can sow again in the bed if necessary.

However, these new plants are mostly no longer for pure ornamental flowersbecause one can not understand which variety a lily was pollinated.

DangerIf you want to grow lilies from seeds, it may take several years for these plants to flower. It is quicker to split the onion immediately after flowering.

Once the plant is completely withered, it is cut near the ground in autumn, This facilitates the ornamental flower Hibernation in the earth.

Threaten the first Frost, the lily retreats into her onion and wait for the first warm sunshine in spring.

tip: Cover your lilies with brushwood or fir branches after the autumn cut. They form an additional idolizing layer and protect the onion against ground frosts. Although lilies are generally hardy, they gratefully accept this additional winter protection.

Lilies as cut flowers

Exotic flowers of lilies: plants

Of course, lilies can be easily integrated into beautiful floral arrangements or kept as a single plant in the vase. With a targeted care you enjoy your exotic beauty for a long time. Learn more in the article about the lily as a cut flower.

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