Expected drying time after a water damage

Of course, the drying time of a water damage depends strongly on factors such as amount of water and exposure time. When the masonry and / or screed are affected, four weeks or more is not uncommon. External factors such as season, location of the building and drying method additionally affect the time required.

One week to three months

Surface moistening of masonry and soil can be dried out within a few days with infrared radiators. Furnishings such as furniture and carpets are also dry in a week's time. The dismantling and relocation of floor coverings must be expected.

If a water damage has occurred in the masonry, but has a local limit as in a water pipe break, is to calculate with rehabilitation and drying times between two and six weeks.

Tips & Tricks

If there was a build-up of stagnant water when the water damage occurred, which had a longer effect on the floor, screed and walls, drying times of between four and twelve weeks had to be assumed.

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