Connect extendable table top

Especially with extendable table tops, the connection of the individual parts must be ensured stable and secure. But even with any other type in which two or more components of a table to be connected to each other, a combination of carrying capacity and fixation is required. For almost all mechanisms there are matching fittings.

construction types

In many cases, it is very convenient to have a dining table whose table top can be enlarged if necessary. As mechanical construction methods, three solutions are conceivable:

  • The table top is divided by horizontal sliding in the middle
  • Extension pieces stored under the table top are raised
  • Folded wings are opened laterally

To extend a table top, a "parking position" for the additional surface parts must be created. In variants split in the middle, either the parts that have been pulled apart drop to the level of the middle lower plate or an external insert plate is inserted.

In the case of extension plates which are drawn out from under the table at the end faces, the connecting mechanism must raise the plates to the level of the middle plate and optionally stabilize them by supporting elements.

One or two folding wings are unfolded outwards depending on the type of construction, with storage on stabilizing connections being required if the support distance of the unfolded wings exceeds one third of the total tabletop length.

side registration push

The most common way to extend a table top is to pull out two additional plates stored under the front panels. The connection must have a lifting mechanism. Simplified shown two fixed glued struts connected to the extension plates are pulled out in a guide rail. The actual tabletop sinks by the "clearing" of this channel to the strength of the pull-out parts.

means separation

The attachment of the tabletop at a medium divisibility works in principle exactly the opposite. The two support plates are pulled over the lateral edges of a lower plate and decrease by the thickness of the plate. Into each other displaceable hollow profiles serve as holding arms, which telescope with delay.

folding wings

The mechanically simplest and most stable technique are two wings folded in towards the center of the table top. Their tops are folded up to the undersides of the extended surfaces. The wings can be supported by hinged or rotatable support beams, which are extended before unfolding.

Tips & Tricks

When calculating and planning how to connect your tabletops, you should consider the leverage on the outsides of the extension parts.

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