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  • Facade paints are specially designed for outdoor use to protect the house wall from weather conditions such as rain, dirt and storm.
  • The yield of an exterior wall paint gives you information on how many liters of paint you need to budget for a first coat of paint on a wall. Take this into account in your costing.
  • When selecting the right façade color, make sure that you have the right qualities for your product: for example, products can be low-emission, have a particular spreadability and protect walls from the effects of the weather.

Facade paint comparison 2018: 2018

They give streets a special flair, sometimes characterize a whole cityscape and yet are one of the simplest means of urban design: house wall colors literally accompany us every step of the way. The color palette of the façade color ranges from subtly matt to colorful and upbeat.

But it is not always easy to delete it at will. Building facades and also their painting can be listed as historical monuments, so that their modification requires a permit. There is also one in some municipalities Local design statute, which prescribes in which color tone you are allowed to design your house wall.

In our 2018 Façade Color Comparison, you'll find exterior wall paints that can help protect your house wall from mold, moisture and algae, and match your personal façade design premises.

Facade paint comparison 2018: paint

Also acts as weatherproof paint: the facade paint. It does not matter if you choose gray, green or classic white.

As cozy rustic, lovingly painted cottages also act, note the fine line between retro charm and dysfunktionalem painting. Facade paint not only serves the visual design of a building, but also carries a decisive Contribution to its external protective functionat.

Dirt resistance and moisture resistance are the characteristics that your façade color should necessarily have. The durability of the paints depends not only on their chemical composition, but also on the surface texture of the wall to be supported. Even the best facade paint peels off after a while.

emulsion paint

Most wall colors are as so-called dispersions classified. The solid and liquid components such as binders and pigments of a color are so finely divided that they give a uniform mixture despite their poor bonding properties.

If you are planning more than a façade renovation, but also want to renovate and build something in your home or garden, the following comparisons may help:

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2. Do not be afraid of tight ties: facade color types and their properties

Façade paints for the outside are available in many different variations. Each category has its own specification. For example, the durability of the facade colors is different. In a facade color comparison 2018, we have summarized the most important features of the different house colors for you so that you can determine your personal facade color test winner.

Acrylate dispersion paint

Facade paint comparison 2018: 2018

  • very easy to work with
  • wash and abrasion resistant
  • very high opacity
  • also known as Styrolfarbe
  • durable
Synthetic resin emulsion paint

Facade paint comparison 2018: facade

  • very easy processing
  • most commonly used facade paint
  • very large color selection
  • individual color scheme by tinting color
  • breathable
Natural resin dispersion paint

Facade paint comparison 2018: facade

  • schadstoffarm
  • based on natural ingredients (e.g., salts and vegetable oils)
  • intended for indoor and outdoor use
  • very good facade color on wood
Silicone resin emulsion paint

Facade paint comparison 2018: 2018

  • Emulsion: compound of regular immiscible components
  • organic and mineral components
  • When applied to the wall, a protective film is created, which fills in slight damage to the facade
  • high moisture protection
silicate paint

Facade paint comparison 2018: comparison

  • pure mineral base
  • Silicate paint was developed by Wilhelm Keim: that is why the color is called germ-color
  • other alternative names: mineral paint, water glass color
  • Binder is potash waterglass (consisting of ashes, coal and water)
  • alkaline, corrosive and to be used only by professionals
  • high longevity
If your outer wall has many cracks, we recommend one occlusive silicone resin paint, The synthetic resin emulsion paint is the all-rounder among the facade paints. Environmentally conscious consumers are the ones who prefer the more expensive natural resin emulsion paint. In spite of their enormously high longevity, we can give them a recommendation for silicate paint because of their corrosive effect only for professionals pronounce.

3. Important purchase criteria for finding the best facade color

3.1. Criterion Opacity: rich in color and opaque it should be

The opacity of a façade paint determines the color intensive effect of a single coat on a wall.

Investing in a color with high opacity pays off. The higher the hiding power of a paint, the less paint must be applied to cover an exterior wall.

3.2. Criterion Fertility: Calculate costs

Facade paint comparison 2018: wall

Rather calculate with a little more color when painting the facade than you have calculated. It is also best to include the area of ​​the windows for safety reasons.

Not infrequently, one asks oneself when brushing the question: How many liters of paint do you have to use for one square meter of house wall?

Closely related to the opacity of a house facade paint is its fertility. It indicates how many square meters of a wall you can paint on average with one liter of exterior paint. The manufacturer's yield data can be used as a guide to determine how many liters of paint are needed to make a coat.

When doing so, observe the surface condition of the exterior wall to be painted. Plaster, concrete, wood and masonry have different absorption capacities of the paint. Unless you have one paint dark background with light color you should assume that you have one perform double coat have to.

The higher the manufacturer of the exterior wall paint indicates the yield of the product, the less liters of paint you have to buy. Your premise should not only be to buy facade paint as cheaply as possible, but to pay attention to your efficiency.

4. Paint this: Undercoat treatment before renewing the facade paint

Facade paint comparison 2018: wall

Not only tiles can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner of algae: Even house facades can be cleaned naturally with water pressure.

About 57 percent of the under-49s do their renovation work on their own. (Source: GfK (Living)).

Before you can paint your façade, you have to deal with the subject of the substrate texture:

If the wall of the house is covered with moss and has a green tint, you can usually remove it with a high-pressure water cleaner. However, when it comes to mold, it is advisable to hire professionalsthat check the house wall for damage to the outside wall.

Smaller cracks in the facade plaster can easily be repaired with a synthetic resin. However, if larger areas of the outer wall are damaged, tap the surrounding plaster surfaces and fill in the damaged area generously with mortar.

We have one more time the most important steps before the painting are summarized for you:

  • Remove facade color: With a grinder or scratches you should remove flaking paint over a large area. Wondering how to completely remove the facade paint? Grab the stripper.
  • Substrate cleaning: Clean the exterior paint with diluted detergent and then rinse with water.
  • Dry the wall: Make sure the substrate is completely dry before painting. For particularly urgent cases, you can use a building dryer for drying.
  • Mending cracks: Facade paint primer needs a uniformly structured surface.With synthetic resin and lacquer you can tackle cracks.
  • Prime solvent-free: Façade base should not shine when you apply it, but be dull. If it shines and does not penetrate properly, dilute the primer 5 to 1 with water.

5. FAQ: questions and answers about the use of facade paint

5.1. Experience with façade paint: What does Stiftung Warentest say?

The testing institute has not carried out an exclusive facade paint test. If you are looking for a buy recommendation, we can recommend you to our Façade Color Comparison Winner. Nonetheless, in test issue 03/2007, a brief overview summarizes some of the statements still valid to this day concerning the theme of wall paint both indoors and outdoors.

So the Stiftung Warentest again shows that also favorable emulsion paints smudge-resistant and spot colors can also be applied directly without blending with white paint.

5.2. Is it allowed to dilute facade paint with water?

Facade paint comparison 2018: 2018

Helps with paint application: The paint spray gun.

Modern facade colors are often solvent-free and water-based, True to the motto "the same dissolves in the same", you can also dilute the exterior wall paint with water.

Please note the reduced opacity of the facade color, If you want to paint over a dark wall in white, you may have to accept a repeated painting with diluted paint. First of all, you can do a facade color test on an inconspicuous part of your house wall and check the opacity of your color mixture.

5.3. What is latex paint?

You will only get original latex paintrarely find in the hardware store, In this type of facade paint, the processed milk of the rubber tree is added. Water simply dries off from this exterior finish. The type of facade paint is not breathable (also called "diffusion-open"). TheFacade paint with lotus effect However, it is very expensive to purchase and has been largely replaced by latex emulsion paint. If you still want to look for latex paint, we recommend that you use online trading (eg Amazon or eBay).

We present you the Advantages and disadvantages of latex paints at a glance:

  • washable
  • abrasion resistant
  • water repellent
  • high price
  • not breathable
  • can not be overlined and must be removed

5.4. Are there any really good brands?

In the choice of the facade color their field of application plays a crucial role. If the outside wall is not protected against water spray, you should use a color with a pronounced protective film. A Facade paint with fungicide can protect against problems caused by moisture-induced mold. However, the Federal Environmental Agency strongly points out that rain can wash out biocides from the facade paint and insulation that pollute the environment. When choosing the right color, you will come across the paintings of the following manufacturers:

  • Eagle
  • alligator
  • Alpina
  • Baufix
  • Build with
  • Biofa
  • Caparol
  • Consolan
  • herbol
  • Wilckens
  • Hornbach
  • Osmo
  • Kale
  • Krautol
  • mipa
  • Toperczer
  • novatic
  • Pufas
  • Sikkens
  • Remmers
  • Sigma
  • Nice living
  • SEBO

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