The mining of sandstone in Poland has a history

If you think about offers from Poland before buying sandstone, you often have a better price in mind. This is mostly true, as the labor costs associated with mining and transport are low. It must not be overlooked that the sandstone deposits also meet the highest quality standards.

Silesian "gold"

Among the most famous buildings built of Polish sandstone are the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. In particular, in the southwestern part of Poland Lower Silesia rich sandstone deposits can be found.

The sandstone species in this region occur mainly in yellowish to beige hues. They have subtle to nonexistent layered textures. Their porosity is low, so they are largely polishable.

Price savings possible

The price of sandstone from Poland is at least competitive and often lower than comparable products from the mining regions of other countries. One factor is the long tradition of the trade, especially in Silesia. The local economy has a well developed infrastructure, long experience and is well networked.

Another decisive price influence results from the lower labor costs, which have an effect on the entire processing path up to the transport. The price difference can be up to twenty percent, with the delivery distance playing a crucial role. While residents take almost the entire price advantage at a distance of up to 200 kilometers to the mining areas, the purchase of sandstone over longer distances can pay off only from larger purchase quantities.

Cost savings possible

In addition to the material prices, for example for sandstone slabs, craft costs can also be lower. For the delivery, including the creation of a sandstone wall, costs are incurred that can be settled according to European foreign trade law.

The natural stone industry in Poland has long experience in the production of sandstone art such as sculptures, statues and reliefs. Again, the more expensive the desired sandstone products, the higher a price difference to stone sculptors or stonemasons of other countries can turn out.

Net prices and VAT

Anyone who purchases sandstone from Poland and possibly uses craft services will receive a net invoice from a company based in Poland without VAT. The customer or buyer must later pay the VAT to his tax office. For private individuals, compensation is normally due in the case of payroll tax compensation or annual income tax return.

For orders of sandstone from Poland, attention should always be paid to the type of price and, in case of doubt, to ask whether they are net prices. Price comparisons with suppliers from Germany must take into account the VAT difference of 19 percent (2015).

Tips & Tricks

If you order sandstone in Poland, always make sure that the invoice contains a VAT identification number. It is necessary for the later tax return. For craft services provided by a Polish company in Germany, it is recommended to copy the identity and registration papers of the contractor.

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