Clean the facade plaster as gently as possible

Your facade plaster has also seen better times, at least, as far as the cleanliness is concerned? Otherwise, if there are no damages such as exfoliation, cracks and yellowing, it might be worthwhile to thoroughly clean the surfaces. So that nothing breaks, you should proceed with caution and use a comparatively gentle remedy. Luckily, there are gentle methods that work really well.

Clean the facade plaster with your own hands: a good idea?

Of course it is much cheaper to carry out the cleaning work yourself. But this commitment also means spending a few hours and investing a lot of work. Also, if something goes wrong, you can not hold anyone accountable.

Although the professional requires money for his purge, but is usually well insured and takes all the effort on himself. You will probably already know what you prefer!

Clean the facade plaster as gently as possible: possible

How to properly clean your facade plaster

First of all, let's see what tools are needed to get a façade clean. In this list you will find our suggestions:

  • Garden hose with brush attachment
  • hand brush
  • scrubbing brush
  • high pressure cleaner
  • steam cleaners
  • Ladder / scaffolding / lifting platform

You should be very careful with all equipment, especially if your plaster is not very durable or if it forms the uppermost layer of a thermal insulation composite system. High-pressure cleaners and steam cleaners can only be used on really stable surfaces.

For sensitive surfaces, the first rule is: Stay in touch, do the work by hand, and respond immediately if problems occur. Insensitive facades are therefore cleaned much faster, of course.

Clean the facade plaster with an old household detergent

Of course, you can also take chemistry to get your plaster really clean. But there is a problem here: you must definitely catch chemical cleaners effectively and dispose of them properly, otherwise it can quite rightly come to sensitive penalties!

The following cleaning kit from old times could bring the solution with it. Inquire better but before the competent environmental office, if you are allowed to work outside with it! Here comes the recipe:

  • Stir potassium permanganate and washing soda into 10 liters of boiling water
  • mix everything well
  • Mix 500 g of cornstarch with water to a pulp
  • Pour the porridge into the boiling broth
  • mix thoroughly again
  • Boil one more time
  • Paint the plaster on the plaster
  • Allow to act for several hours
  • Rinse with water from the garden hose

Tips & Tricks

First try your cleaning method in a concealed location before applying it over the entire surface. How to prevent fatal mistakes!

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