Dowel facade despite thermal insulation

A thermal insulation composite system should always remain closed to the outside so that no unnecessary cold bridges occur. Of course, it does not do the composite material well, if holes open up anywhere, through the moisture gets inside, after all, in this case, the highest mold danger. Not least, insulation boards can not carry large weights; Nevertheless, it is possible to dowel such a facade, for example, to attach an awning.

Insulated facade only provided with special dowels

The external insulation is usually polystyrene or mineral wool, which is covered by a reinforcement and the external plaster. Regular expansion dowel find in this underground no foothold, but snail-shaped insulation dowel already.

The special dowels not only serve to anchor as firmly as possible, but they also ensure a thermal separation when used properly. But the object fastened to them should not be too heavy, because the insulating material is simply too soft for that.

So if you do not want to attach a small lamp or a lightweight post box, but an awning or a patio roof, which better accesses a special distance mounting system that extends into the masonry and leaves no uninsured cracks.

Is dowelling the facade really necessary?

To be on the safe side, it is better to first consider for light fixtures whether it is necessary to fix the facade with a dowel. Maybe even a high-quality adhesive will be enough to bond your object to the outside wall.

In any case, if you would like to dowel, then the recommendation is to get very detailed information on how to proceed - or to engage a specialist who does this job properly for you.

Plan well before the insulation!

If your insulation is not yet on the facade, we advise you to think very carefully which elements you want to attach to the outside wall. Because what has already been anchored in the masonry can be much better mitisolieren.

Electrical installations are often available with special equipment carriers, which serve to fix the system elements in such a way that no cold bridges are created. The beams themselves are filled with insulating material so that they themselves have an insulating effect.

Mini device carriers are used for retrofitting electrical systems, as well as insulated installation boxes. When buying, pay attention to which insulation thickness the respective auxiliaries are suitable for!

Tips & Tricks

When attaching heavy objects, it is not only important to find the right dowel for the facade. It is also a question of safety, after all, you do not want your awning to fall on your head. In these cases, hire a professional!

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