Refurbish the facade: you should definitely remember that!

The renovation of a façade often turns out to be a complex project, the dimensions of which are hardly for the layman to foresee. Therefore, it is important for the homeowner to inform himself thoroughly before he actually tackles the matter. The exterior façade not only represents the visual "skin" of a property, it should also withstand wind and weather and help save energy.

Look carefully: Which renovation measures are necessary?

Maybe you just want to paint your façade and maybe repair some holes, but it's not always done that way. Especially if there are flaws and cracks, it may well be possible that more plaster removals will follow soon.

Therefore, check the stability of the facade coating by means of a tapping and adhesive tape test in order to avoid painting a dilapidated wall. In addition, it may well be in your interest to review the energetic situation of your house facade in order to take it with you if necessary.

And of course there is the question of the water resistance of the outer walls: Possibly, for example, in clinker, a water repellency due. Remember, too, that ancient windows and doors stand out on a newly renovated façade, and perhaps should also be replaced.

Observe the insulation requirement for façade renovation!

If your house has not yet been insulated to the latest standards, your renovation project might come as a surprise. Anyone who renews their exterior plaster or applies a new paneling must at the same time ensure energy-efficient refurbishment according to EnEV 2014.

The maximum U-value must thereafter be 0.24 W / (m² · K)! However, there are exceptions to the rule, which can be obtained, for example, from the local building authority. Make sure you are already smart before you begin with the renovation of the facade!

So the house facade is again radiantly beautiful

True beauty comes from within, so people say. This also applies to house facades to some extent, because after all, every stylish painting and every pretty paneling needs a solid, sound base, which permanently supports the external beauty.

For this reason, we have designed an overview for you, which provides information about which measures in the course of your facade renovation contribute to a significant visual improvement:

facade cleaningfrom old make new again
refuse old plasterSpace for a stable ground
Close holes and crackshomogeneous, intact surface
Set corner railsexact trim edges
Plaster the facade againas desired structured surface
Renew jointsMoisture protection and beautiful graduations
replace crumbling mortaraesthetic clinker wall
Install the panelnew, chic look
Tiled facadefresh, noble decor
new paintingradiant new color
decorative paintingbrings whistle in the design

Tips & Tricks

First of all, take a look at the multitude of possibilities and contact experts who will provide you with detailed information. This is how a concrete plan gradually emerges.

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