Facade cladding of metal

Metal facade claddings are widespread in public spaces, especially in commercial buildings. Contemporary architecture has ensured that today there is a wide range of home wall cladding products for homes as well. The bandwidth ranges from sheet metal to aluminum to stainless steel variants. A long durability coupled with enormous resistance to the weather and the contemporary look make facade cladding made of metal a popular alternative.

Simple mounting systems and easy-care facade protection

The installation of cladding made of metal is due to sophisticated overall systems simple and with high stability possible. Panels or panels made of aluminum, steel, alloys of titanium and zinc, or copper plates are combined into plug-in systems that produce a large tightness and can be installed quickly by professional craftsmen. For many homeowners and partial cladding are interesting, such as a facade finish below the roof or a single cladding of a bay window or a side wall. The industry has designed the products and assembly systems in such a way that every surface and shape can be easily manufactured. The specific surface of the metal literally creates no dirt adhesion and any subsequent cleaning or maintenance is unnecessary.

Metals and accessories must be rustproof

Only corrosion and the associated rusting can enforce the metal facade cladding and if this is excluded, the facade cladding theoretically unlimited durability. The commercially available metal panels or panels are protected against corrosion by coatings or zinc plating and the price per square meter starts at around fifty euros for plain or unlined profiles. High-quality steels must be calculated starting at around two hundred euros per square meter of material costs. Very important is the exclusive use of stainless mounting accessories such as screws, brackets or rods.

Facade cladding of metal: facade

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